Academy of Art University Designs for Us All

Many of us take for granted how easily we go about our lives, getting dressed in the morning without wondering how we are going to get that skirt or button down shirt on or where we can find clothing to fit our needs. We never stop to think what it would be like if the majority of our options were not made to fit our bodies.

For many, this is a reality dealt with on a daily basis, and yet seemingly rarely talked about. Enter the creatives at Academy of Art University. Early in 2018, a panel was formed with these questions: ‘Is good design always designing for the same few? Or is it designing for people in many different groups, including people with disabilities?’

As it turns out, this inequality is at the center of focus for a lot of people, and a lot of Academy of Art University students and alumni.

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929 and offers accredited degrees in 21 different areas of study. Started by Sunset Magazine’s creative director Richard S. Stephens, who thought students should be accepted without an art portfolio and the school be taught by professional artists.

The Academy of Art University boasts some industry-leading and award-winning graduates, including world-famous painters, photographers, fashion designers, film directors and makeup, hair styling, and special effects experts.

Guest panelists, all of which deal with a disability of some kind were invited to speak. ‘I think the public wants to see a lot more diversity in fashion’, said Lisa Werner, the mother of a gymnast and model with Down syndrome. Another panelist Beau Oyler: ‘When I start the design process, I dive deep into really understanding who’s going to use this product…and how we can design it in a way that’s going to be a delight for them to use.’

With the inclusive fashion design panel convened, individual clothing needs were brought to the forefront, like viewing people with disabilities as legitimate fashion customers, and what the components are of universal design.

With diversity and inclusivity as the goal, the Academy of Art University makes strides in designing clothes for every body, because everybody matters.


Neurocore, is one of many Health, Wellness and Fitness companies in the United States. Having over 780 followers this privately owned company actually launched in 2004 specializing in data driven assessments. For example they are not just any brain performance center, they provide the data they have and use it with other training programs to enhance the quality of life of most humans by simply enhancing their stress, sleep and most importantly their concentration. Since their opening they have expanded to about 9 other centers in the United States. The other centers are spread out throughout different areas of either the state of Michigan or Florida. In each of their offices there are only about 50 to 200 employees each, specializing in areas like the autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, attention testing, qEEG biofeedback training, heart rate variability training, and most importantly neurofeedback. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Other companies throughout the United States which also specialize in brain performance are going to be NeuroCoRe or Neuropeak Pro. NeuroCoRe being more of a research company and only having about 36 followers, was founded in 2010. As a United Kingdom based company one of their mayor goals is to not only design but also come up with a new count in the cognitive areas of any neurodegenerative diseases. As an educational research company they only have approximately 10 employees all specializing in test development, pshychometrics, clinical validation, and computerised assessments.


Neurospeak Pro on the other hand is also another Health, Wellness, and Fitness company here in the United States. Not only is also based mostly out of Michigan as well, as another privately held company one of its biggest specialties is to increase human performance. This company only location has about 50 employees all specializing in autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, heart rate variability training, EEG biofeedback training, hormone testing, vision testing and training, attention testing, IQ testing, and professional collegiate athletic consulting. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos may be a controversial figure, but even her opponents acknowledge that she is not someone to be taken lightly. Although she may come off as quiet and unassuming at times, she is actually a fighter, carefully and powerfully backing up her favorite causes. As the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump, she has been given even more power, and she is ensuring that she carefully backs up causes that are dear to her conservative support base. These include the parents’ right to choose education for their children as well as the welfare of private and charter schools.


These are causes that Betsy Devos and her husband Dick have supported for years. They have long been major philanthropical givers to a number of charities and non-profit agencies. However, the curtain over where their charitable contributions have gone has recently been lifted, and it is no surprise to find that much of their donations have gone to help private and charter schools, including those in their beloved state of Michigan.


Betsy Devos has the benefit of a wealthy family to help her reach her goals for schools. Through the Devos side, she is a billionaire, but she does not always act like one. Instead, she is known for being a determined, goal-oriented woman.


At odds with her great determination to effect change throughout the education system is her lack of any real experience in education or politics. Her detractors like to bring up the fact that she has never served in any major political spot before being named as Education Secretary. Her focus in the years prior to this was to try to funnel as much money as possible away from public schools and over to charter and private schools.


In fact, since taking over the Education Department, she has made it clear that she is against traditional public education although she has admitted that a majority of students across the United States do attend public schools. Those who root for her agree with the fact that most public schools cannot compete with the great academics and great student results seen within private schools.


While Betsy Devos’s beginnings in Washington D.C. may not have been the smoothest, she refuses to give up. Despite becoming the brunt of numerous jokes on late-night television and elsewhere, she is determined to fight hard and use her current political powers for the best.


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Malcolm CasSelle Contributions to the Great Digital World

WorldWide Asset Exchange(WAX) is today’s the newest P2P company that has been selling and buying virtue assets online. The company has been hailed for its significant contributions in the virtue assets industry and has for sure been dedicated to the passion and also great achievements.

It has allowed both buyers and sellers to get a reliable platform to trade their products with ease. It has professional information technology experts who are always dedicated to delivering the best. The company has been on the frontline promoting success and have always been ready to help in the fight against fragmentation and also fraud. These are the two main threats in the virtue assets markets. The process has been able to allow users to sell these items without having to click out of the game.

A company like WAX requires a very dedicated person who always works towards career progress. Malcolm CasSelle is the man behind the successful venture. He is the founder and also the company’s president and have always committed his life towards nothing else but success in his career. He has been on the frontline fostering great motivation and has always been led by passion. He is known to be a very confident man who is usually driven by passion and has focused his attention on making progress in his career.

Malcolm CasSelle is also the president of Opskins which is an online gaming company that has been committed to making progress in life. He has been very passionate in his endeavours towards helping other people achieve. He is on the frontline pursuing nothing but great excellence. In fact, his life has been dominated by passion and also the desire to help others. Some people have come to love him because of his giving heart and also his passion towards career excellence. In his career journey, he has helped various digital companies during their startups.

Today, through the inputs of Malcolm CasSelle, these ventures are doing very well and have been able to succeed very very regarding career progress and also growth. The great technology guru from the famous MIT has a masters in computer science, and this has equipped him with excellent skills.


Here’s How GreenSky Credit Came To Be

More mobile users browse the Internet than ever before. As time marches onwards, more people will swap over from desktop and laptop personal computers to their smartphones to browse social media, look to Google’s world-hottest search engine to look for answers to countless questions, and otherwise peruse the World Wide Web for their wants and needs from the comfort of their handheld devices.

Early adopters of this ongoing upward trend of people using mobile devices to browse the Internet and use companies’ apps have virtually all benefited from such strategies.

GreenSky LLC, best known for its GreenSky Credit lending program, hopped on board to the mobile phone trend of connecting with customers immediately upon its foundation in 2006, the same year Apple released its revolutionary iPhone. Founder and CEO David Zalik has taken over the niche of providing relatively small loans to business and personal investors across the United States of America since entering the field of consumer lending some 12 years ago, having since sent out roughly $12.5 billion in financing to roughly 1.8 million customers. Some of its customer base’s most popular uses for such financing includes the renovation of homes and buildings, the purchase of solar panels to help companies become more green and civic-minded, and the foundation of medical practices across the lower 48, Alaska, and Hawaii.

David Zalik has played a major part in the resounding success of GreenSky Credit and parent company GreenSky LLC. Without CEO Mr. Zalik’s constant hands=on involvement in and shaping of the company and its future directions of action, GreenSky Credit wouldn’t have likely provided customers with just one billion dollar’s worth of financing in the 12 years he has operated the company.

All of GreenSky Credit’s financing is sourced directly from financial institutions that are insured by the federal government and state charters of the respective states each consumer is located in. Rather than coming up with financing itself, GreenSky Credit turns directly to the aforementioned lenders; GreenSky LLC and its popular mobile app simply serve customers without getting their balance sheets loaded down with debt of its own.

Experienced & Well Versed Basketball Coach Yanni Hufnagel

Previous Coaching Experience

Prior to becoming the Assistant Coach at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee, Coach Yanni Hufnagel received valuable coaching experience at Harvard University. His original position with the Harvard basketball team was as a recruiting coordinator. His player specialty area was in guard development. His position required him to recruit potential basketball players to play for Harvard University. His assistance led Harvard onto 20 win seasons & multiple NCAA tournament appearances. After a few successful seasons at Harvard, Coach Yanni Hufnagel took the assistant coaching position with Vanderbilt.


Continued Success At Vanderbilt

The coaching staff at Vanderbilt is regarded as one of the top coaching teams in the country. Yanni Hufnagel was joining a solid staff with proven success. Yanni was a young motivated coach with a desire to pursue victory. Vanderbilt saw this passion for the sport as a major positive when hiring Coach Hufnagel. Yanni said he was very excited to be joining the Vanderbilt coaching staff.


Personal Life & Basketball

Although basketball consumes a significant amount of Coach Yanni Hufnagel’s life, he finds time on the side to devote to being a mentor. During his time at the prestigious Ivy League University, Harvard, Coach Yanni was lending time and resources as a mentor for Youth With Disabilities program. The Boston based section of the program allowed coach Hufnagel to gain valuable experience as a mentor which he eventually would do in a coaching career. This also a telling sign that Hufnagel is well rounded with diverse experiences which also helps him in becoming a knowledgeable leader. In addition, Coach Hufnagel is well educated. He himself comes from the Ivy League. He graduated from Cornell University in 2006 with a degree in Industrial & Labor Relations. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Cornell, he went on to receive his Masters in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration from Oklahoma.

Top Facts about Clayton Hutson

Clay Hutson is an accomplished fellow who has always been involved with music from an early age when he was still a child. After several years of dedication and hard work, Hutson was able to transform his passion for music into a fulfilling career. Besides working with some of the notable names in the music industry such as Kid Rock, Hutson managed to carve out a name for himself across the music industry for production, engineering, and design.




Despite Clay Hutson appearing to be a success, there have been some hurdles that he has had to deal with before. Hutson is known for having worked with Kid Rock Crew before as a stage manager. But his unreserved antics and instances of unspoken personality didn’t go down well with the larger public, an aspect that led to poor tour preparation constantly. Clayton, however, tried his best to find solutions to his problems by allowing his prior experiences to guide him, an aspect that saw millions of people purchasing tickets for Kid Rock concerts.




As it stands now, everywhere they go, Kid Rock manages to pull huge crowds thanks to Clayton Hutson’s change of heart. In fact, three weeks ago, Kid Rock embarked on a national tour across major states in the U.S. with Hutson being chosen to be the production manager of the Crew. As of now, Clayton Hutson is solely dedicated to ensuring that Kid Rock’s fame further grows by working ahead of schedule to ensure that a show will become a success weeks before it starts.




Now that he is returning as production manager for Kid Rock, Hutson understands the responsibility that’s upon his shoulders. But being not strange to such circumstances and situations, Hutson believes that he’s prepared to see and subsequently handle problems way before they happen.




Clayton Hutson is a resident of what has come to be known as one of the most active and growing musical hubs, Nashville, Tennessee. Clayton is a dedicated fellow whose typical days of work are directed towards the nourishment and growth of his business. Among other things, Clayton finds joy when artists and music fans appreciate his work.

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Jose Neto; Scaling The Heights Of Real Estate In Brazil

Jose Neto; Scaling the Heights of Real Estate in Brazil

Being a natural progression meant for multiple experienced investors, commercial real estate is a path that most people take with the intention of diversifying their real estate ventures. This type of investment is not only good for business but essential in purchasing properties as well as leasing most units to property buyers as it offers a vast combination of steady cash flow as well as vacancy risks that come with higher income potential. With that said, one individual that comes in mind when we speak of successful real estate businesses is Jose Neto, an individual who has worked for JHSF for more than ten years. Neto has been able to help JHSF in portfolio diversification for quite some time.


JHSF is one of Brazil’s leading real estate companies. It is well known for prioritizing recurrent income assets encompassing shopping malls, hotels, airports as well as other real estate projects in different industries. Besides, the firm operates in Brazil’s real estate market and other state like the United States of America as well as Uruguay. From the time it was formed, JHSF has vastly developed over 6 million square meters of major real estate projects including a market value of about R $ 1.20 billion.

The Leadership of the Company

JHSF’a leadership rests in the hands of Jose Auriemo Neto who is the executive chairman. His roles in the company include overseeing the general management alongside working with like-minded individuals to venture into different projects that will end up building the company. In the long run, Jose Neto has been able to lead in the initiation of different projects including the opening of office buildings and shopping malls in Brazil’s ever competitive industry of real estate. As of now, Neto is prominent for overseeing the development of different shopping malls within Brazil’s retail industry.

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Shiraz Boghani Is A Successful Businessman Who Still Believes In The Importance Of Giving Back To The Community

Shiraz Boghani is so many things including an entrepreneur, Splendid Hospitality Group’s Chairman, a hotelier and the winner of the Asian Business Award in 2016. Splendid Hospitality Group is a hotel chain encompassing everything from the luxuries to the budget friendly. The chain includes the Mercure Bristol Brigstow, the Holiday Inn London, the New Ellington Hotel, The York and The Conrad London St. James.

Shiraz Boghani believes in diversification and was one of the founders of Sussex Health Care. This is an entirely different business model than what is found in the hotel industry. He was successful with the health group based in New England and provides the best possible care to the elderly. Sussex also specializes in caring for people with learning and physical disabilities. The business has achieved financial success in addition to earning the ISO 9000:2000. This is the internal standard measuring numerous key areas such as standards of service, the quality of goods, reliability and safety.

Shiraz Boghani ensured Sussex Health Care would be unique. The company is ISO certified, provides the highest standards of care to their patients, continually trains their staff members and invested in specialized facilities and equipment. Sussex does offer palliative care but has build their reputation on the neurological care given to individuals suffering neurological diseases including dementia. Sussex Health Care has numerous partners participating in the training of their staff. This includes several colleges responsible for instituting and developing educational programs to help the members of staff provide better service to the patients.

Shiraz Boghani immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969. This was when he began working for KPMG as an accountant. The business offered services for audit, advisory and taxes. By the 1980’s, Shiraz Boghani knew he was destined to enter the world of the entrepreneurs. He co-founded Sussex Health Care in 1985 and established the Splendid Hospitality Group in 1986. He became extremely successful in business but never lost his passion for giving back to his community. This is why he belongs to the Ismaili Community’s National Council and also helps develop resources for the non-profit Aga Khan Foundation.

Lori Senecal Exits CP + B

Lori Senecal has been holding the position of global Chief Executive Officer for Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B) since 2015. She was the agency’s first global CEO. Senecal who has been in the position on a two-year tenure decided to exit at the end of 2017. Before becoming the global CEO, she was the president and CEO of the MDC Partners network. Under her management, the organization has achieved tremendous success; CP+B landed the American airlines in 2015. Senecal also created a communication process and worldwide management structure that was suitable for the company. CP+B had started looking for the new generation of leaders. One of the individuals who got promoted to the top position is Danielle Aldrich who will be the president of CP+B west. The organization has entrepreneurs managing 10 of their offices.

In her interview with Inspirery, Lori Senecal said that she got the urge to be involved in business while still in high school. She got the inspiration to join advertising when she was still a coach. Being a coach taught her to set goals and a clear vision she needed to move on to business. She admits to becoming profitable due to the motivational skills. The marketing strategy that she uses to generate new business is to know all about the business before they become a client. Senecal is inspired by books about Apple. Check out for more.


Her most satisfying moment in the business is when her clients are satisfied. One of the toughest decisions that she admits to making is informing a team member that their performance is not according to the organization’s standards. Senecal’s ability to think clearly is one of the reasons behind her success. She also gives credit to her mentors for her success. You can visit


Before joining CP+B, Lori Senecal was the global executive chairman for the KBS for seven months. She was also the CEO and president of Kirshenbaum Bond (KBS) since 2009. While holding this position, Senecal expanded the firm’s global vision. She got her degree from McGill University. Senecal has also worked for McCann Erickson as the president of the company’s New York office.


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