New Chat Feature for the Win

In the year 2016, digital technology is becoming a thing in almost every household. At the youngest of ages, children are learning how to operate tablets, cell phones, and laptops in a blink of an eye. Many individuals are making fewer trips to shopping malls and stores because they are able to do nearly all of their shopping online. Stores need to have the right advertising and marketing technologies to draw in the people. This past year, the company Talk Fusion, earned the WebRTC’s Product of the Year Award for it’s video chat application. Unlike some companies, what makes this chat unique is that this application allows for usage on any type of device, whether it be laptop, cellphone, or tablet and it is available in both iTunes and Google Play. Even better, Talk Fusion offers a free 30 day trial of their product to ensure that you are completely satisfied with their product.

Talk Fusion understands that one of the most daunting and difficult challenges of starting ones own business is the start up and reaching out to potential clientele in a captivating manner. If you are looking to enhance your online business with some of the latest business features, let Talk Fusion be the one to help you with your marketing enhancement. With multiple packages for any company’s marketing strategies, Talk Fusion offers many affordable monthly opportunities for any business needs. Each of the three packages offers the basic video email and newsletter and access to 5,000 business contacts; however, when a client upgrades to the basic or custom package they are afforded variety of other options such as live meetings and the aforementioned “must have” product of the year, video chat.


The achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has a successful career as an entrepreneur, published author and a philanthropist. With his skills he has been able to help raise millions of dollars for businesses he is involved in either by founded or co-founded. Some of the companies include Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh and Media Platform.

During his career he was chosen to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for President Clinton and Vice President Gore. This event took place in Washington, DC and thousands attended to help commemorate the President’s 2nd inauguration. Pulier has also been involved with setting up a live-feed for space shuttle astronauts.

Eric Pulier is considered to be a very successful philanthropist who has helped many organizations including the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the ACE foundation, which is a 501C3 organization that involves reshaping the use of software and how it is applied in society, especially in under-served communities like Africa and other areas that need better overall healthcare in place. He is also a financial donor to the XPRIZE Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that encourages technological development that could possibly benefit societies.

As a published author he has written for Forbes Magazine, and was co-author on a book called ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ which showcases the mindset of Pulier and how the use of technology can be improved.

Mr. Pulier also serves on the board of the Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illness, which is located in Lake Hughes, CA.

As a man who is respected by his peers, Pulier has helped change technology and improve the world as a whole.

Diversant LLC Commited to Community

Diversant LLC is the largest African-American owned IT staffing business in the United States of America. It holds this distinction with pride and their Principal Executive John Goullet seeks to maintain this acknowledgment of diversity in the years to come. Mr. Goullet is an industry leader and bar setter. He has leveraged considerable experience and time spent in the IT consulting field to make key improvements to the IT staffing companies he has been involved with.

John Goullet’s first IT staffing firm was known as Info Technologies and was started by him in 1994. It held the number eight position in Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing, privately held firms in the U.S. It also had an impressive valuation at $30 million at its peak. Success always recognizes success and in 2010 Info Technologies merged with Diversant to create Diversant LLC. It was the beginning of a new wave of growth for the newly forged business as the innovation that John had gained through years of leading the IT staffing industry was paired with the diverse creativity of the Diversant leadership team. The union created a core company that still dominates its field with quality over quantity.

The key to Diversant LLC’s success lies in the ethics and values of its leadership. As the Principal Executive, Goullet believes in these core attributes and it shows not only in their hiring methods but also their community contributions. One such community contribution focuses on U.S. veterans through the NOVA program. This program focuses on creating specialized career paths and educational options for veterans looking to enter the IT industry. Many colleges and universities are not graduating enough computer science degree majors and the IT industry is in dire need of talented individuals to fill key positions. The NOVA program draws on the unique experiences of veterans and their dedication to bringing them into the industry and find them long term employment and stability. It is one of the many ways that Diversant LLC and John Goullet ensure that the community that supports them is supported in turn.

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James Dondero To Work With Linda Owen In Enhancing Highland’s Charitable Giving

Recently, James Dondero teamed up with Linda Owen to enhance Highland’s philanthropic initiatives. James is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Linda is the former executive of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

In her new undertaking, Linda will serve as the charitable giving manager of Highland Capital. She will operate in partnership with the Dallas Foundation. This foundation oversees Highland’s charitable giving fund. While announcing Linda’s appointment, James Dondero said that there was need to enlist the services of a professional who would make the company’s contributions have the greatest impact. He continued to say that Linda had vast experience in building sound public-private partnerships in Dallas and shared the company’s vision for making a difference in the community.

Each year, Highland contributes over $3 million to different charitable organizations. The Dallas Foundation is responsible for allocating the donations to support education, veterans, health care and the larger Dallas community. Beneficiaries of Highland’s charitable giving funds are the Center for Brain Health, The George W. Bush Presidential library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and Uplift Education among many others. James and other executives of Highland provide guidance to the various organizations that Highland Capital support.

The employees of the firm provide their energy and time towards solving the challenges faced by these nonprofit organizations. While accepting her new role, Linda posited that the employees of Highland are always looking for extra ways of supporting the noble causes put forth by the different institutions. She reiterated her happiness for working alongside employees having the passion to give. She concluded by saying that she would channel the donations into impactful giving.

With experience in equity and credit market spanning over 3 decades, James Dondero is well versed with management of capital. In his career, James has zeroed in on distressed and high-yield investing. As the president of Highland Capital, James pioneered in developing the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. In addition, the co-founder of Highland developed innovative credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors across the globe.

The Accounting and Finance graduate from the esteemed University of Virginia has pursed and excelled in different professional courses. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). At Highland, James has led in creating different award winning products. These products include CLOs, REITs, private equity funds, ETFs, institutional separate accounts, hedge funds and mutual funds.

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WEN Puts The Hollywood Treatment Back Into Blogger’s Fine Frizzy Hair

When you own big, healthy, glossy fabulous hair, you want to show it off, but when you don’t, you want to hide.

Hair means everything to most of us, and famous L.A. celebrity stylist Chaz Dean understands how the proper hair care products can make a major difference. That’s why he created WEN Hair by Chaz, the first no-lather shampoo system that delivers high shine, manageability and strength to all hair of every type.

WEN’s special cleansing conditioners thoroughly wash and nourish the hair without those funky chemicals the Sephora-bought products discreetly hide. His brand is all about the holistic approach with natural formulas that come with wonderful botanical that are great for hair from root to end.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure was tired of fighting her naturally fine and frizzy hair. She had seen the popular WEN TV infomercials and Amazon ads touting the unique no-poo method. Emily wanted Hollywood hair, so she tried out WEN for seven days.

Emily’s shoulder length hair looked fantastic as she started washing with WEN in the morning, followed with blow-drying and styling. She showed off hair selfies to her readers, so they could see the WEN difference. Emily’s locks looked Hollywood with super shine and softness, and her gal pals noticed the change immediately. Compliments started coming her way.

Emily disliked being on a regular routine for her hair, and that’s the reason why she didn’t think Wen hair was best suited for her. She admits she’s kind of lazy about her hair and doesn’t always have time to blow-dry and style with her busy schedule. If she disrupted the WEN Hair care routine [] by even skipping a hair wash, her tresses looked flatter and a bit oily.

The lesson: WEN delivers fab results if you have the extra time and can keep a daily AM wash.


A French-Canadian And His Wife Co-Founded The Lovaganza Foundation

What would the world look like without Childhood hunger? That’s the question J.F. Gagnon and his wife Genevieve asked several years ago. The answer was obvious to them. The world would experience a burst of creativity that has never been seen before. Millions of young minds would be properly nourished, and the results of that nourishment would change the nature of societies around the world.

Most people in the United States don’t think about childhood hunger. But childhood hunger impacts the lives of 8,000 children in the United States every day. The government of the United States has programs in place to deal with childhood hunger, but those programs don’t reach the root of the problem. Childhood hunger continues to increase in the United States and around the world because the basic elements that can eradicate it are not addressed. J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon are in the process of addressing those core issues through their Lovaganza Foundation.

The Lovaganza Foundation is designed to unite non-profit organization around the world to eradicate childhood hunger. The goal is to eliminate hungry kids by 2035. The Gagnon’s have been developing a multi-tiered approach to childhood hunger for the last six years. Genevieve is producing what the Gagnon’s call a “Lovaganza Convoy.” The Lovaganza Convoy is a series of documentaries that will inspire and motivate people to participate in their Foundation in some way. Both of the Gagnon’s are seasoned entertainers so producing and directing films is what they do to pay the bills. But the films produced by the Lovaganza Convoy are designed to raise money not to spend it.

The question why two successful entertainers would get involved in one of the world’s most serious problems is easy to answer, according to J.F Gagnon. Gagnon believes childhood hunger can be eradicated if there is a concerted effort and enough money dedicated to the cause. Gagnon said childhood hunger could be eliminated by 2035 if the Lovaganza Foundation gets the support from the at least ten major organizations by 2020. If those organizations follow the Lovaganza goals of supplying clean water and enough food to every child that would be a start. And if proper shelter, and medical supplies along with the require vaccinations are provided, childhood hunger would begin to disappear. But Gagnon also said that children must be removed from warfare, child labor, and child marriages in order to meet the Lovaganza Foundation’s goal in 2035.

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Why Is Thor Halvorssen An Effective Crusader?

Thor Halvorssen is an effective crusader who wants to make sure that he is reaching as many people as he can through the Human Rights Foundation, and but he does not want to only use the Human Rights Foundation to speak about human rights problems. He wants to make sure that the people who are going fighting for their freedom have someone speaking for them on the outside.

The method that Thor Halvorssen uses is all about the media. He will talk about stories for weeks at a time, and he will visit many countries to share the stories that he knows. He is also fighting tyrants on the ground by making sure that he is meeting with world leaders. These world leaders know that they have to do something to battle tyranny, and they are more likely to listen to Thor Halvorssen than they would anyone else. He brings a message of peace and human rights to every country he visits, and that country gets that much closer to helping.

The hardest fight for human rights is the one that involves people forgetting. Everyone will see the stories keep coming up because Thor Halvorssen is not willing to let people’s voices be lost.

The countries that are closed off and vulnerable will only have more help coming if there are people like Thor Halvorssen talking about them on the outside. He spends a lot of time bringing up countries like Angola and North Korea that are very isolated. He knows that the Kim and Dos Santos families are counting on the fact that the media will stop reporting, and that is why he keeps talking about these countries. He cannot storm these countries, but he will be able to bring the world closer to doing something about the problem. Find Thor on Facebook to learn more about his cause.


Norka Luque Continues Bringing Latino Music to the World

Norka Luque is guided by renowned producer, Emilio Estefan, and her own imagination. This gives birth to some of the most creative music from Latin America the world has seen. She has been putting out music since 2011 and is not even close to finishing.

She was musical as a child and enrolled in various classes including voice lessons and training in piano, flamenco and ballet all with unwavering support from her parents.

Later in life Norka studied in France as a student of the Business Administration department and ultimately graduated with various degrees including Marketing, Fashion and Culinary Arts. During this time in France Norka began performing with a band. This was an experience that opened her eyes to more of the wonders of music and ultimately fueled her lifelong dream of becoming a singer.

It wasn’t until renowned producer Emilio Estefan began noticing her 4 years ago and brought her into the music industry to pursue this dream professionally.

“This is an opportunity that many talented artists dream of having. I feel so blessed that Emilio liked my musical project, working with him is a miracle, a school of life; and everyday I learn something new,” Norka says.

Through faith and conviction Norka was able to endure some of the trials and tribulations of life which helped brought about an appreciation for the simple miracle of being alive.

Her career began to take off in 2011 when her first single immediately garnered attention in the industry. The song was composed by Venezuelan Archie Pena and it went on to gain Norka a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in “Premios Lo Nuestro”.

By 2012 Norka Luque released her second single titled “Miracle”, in honor of the title of her then forthcoming album title. This son was also written by Archie Pena and went through an interesting production process in which various arrangers created a number of versions of the song. These arrangers included Cucco Pena, who made a salsa version, which was ranked number 1 on the Record Report in Venezuela for 14 weeks.

DJ Ralphi Rosario remixed the song into a dance version in English which became number 11 on the Billboard Dance Club. Later, an urban version was remixed with the collaboration of popular urban artist Dominican El Cata.

Norka’s latest single is “Tomorrowland” and has unveiled the diversity of this artist and is an indication of what we can expect from her in the future.

Norka is currently preparing for a launch of new music in 2016.

Stephen Murray: The True Measure of a Man

We use many things to judge men and women these days. Some are fair and some aren’t. However, when one thinks of Stephen Murray, two things stand out in the most positive of ways and they are, in my view, the true measure of an individual.

I’m going to talk about what I think is the most important one, first of all, and that is his work as a philanthropist. When it comes to doing this kind of work, it isn’t the kind of work you have to do or are required to do. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

There is nothing in a handbook that says you have to give back and help out others. If you want to, you can keep it all for yourself and your family. You can even spend it all on toys and different cars and TV’s.

However, there is a choice, and in my view, the right choice is always giving back and that is something that Stephen Murray, former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, has done.

Whenever the chance was out there to give back, touch lives, and make a difference, he never hesitated to do so. In fact it, he embraced it and it put a smile on his face.

He knew that all of his hard work, extra hours, and dedication were for something positive. Let’s face it, in today’s world, we need more positive stories. Stephen Murray’s life is just one big positive story.

Lastly, his work as former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. As the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, he was someone that people looked up to and was always approachable. He did great work for the company, work that has helped the company for the future.

Even near the end, he was working and doing everything in his power to make sure they were set. As an investor, you have to have certain type of smarts to do the job. It is risky one and it comes with a lot of pressure. However, that pressure never got to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He embraced it, took it on, and defeated it whenever he could.

He wasn’t perfect, no one is, but nine times out of ten, he got the results that were needed to make the right investment. He was never afraid to do things that some people might think were too risky or too scary.

Beautiful Hair Every Day When You Use Wen By Chaz

Emily McClure digs deeper for answers to the claims by WEN hair to give your hair fabulous shine and bounce. As a beauty and fashion blog writer, she takes her facebook followers on the journey with her by documenting each day with pictures and how WEN treated her hair that day. WEN cleansing conditioner is unique as it’s an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. There are many varieties to choose from, so there has to be one you’ll fall in love with.
McClure chose the Fig version as it promised to moisture her hair and give it shine and bounce. Day one began and she wondered why she needed to use triple the amount of product than she usually uses. Keeping in mind to follow the instructions to the letter. Immediately upon shampooing her hair she noted that her hair was already feeling thicker.

By day four she noted that she realized she had to shampoo each morning as her hair would be a bit oily just over night. She missed one morning and had to go to work with what she called a greasy ball of hair. By day seven she had developed a love/hate relationship with WEN.

She loved how WEN made her hair feel and shine right after her blow drying. It was the need to get up early each morning to wash her hair as not to have greasy hair for the day. She stated that she would keep WEN cleansing conditioner close at hand so when she wanted extra shine and could get up earlier to do her hair.

WEN by Chaz Dean provides that deep and long term hair conditioner. The products are naturally made with selected herbs and botanicals that are filled with amazing nutrients to make your hair shine and be filled with bounce.

WEN continues to surprise Amazon customers with new products for your body and even one for your pooch to have soft fur.

To purchase Wen hair products, visit or via