Top Investors in Oil and Gas Industry

Mathews Fleeger is a prominent business person who is recognized in the whole world. He studied at the Cox School of Business Studies where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Afterward, he joined his long awaiting career by taking top positions in various oil and gas companies.

Currently, Mathew Fleeger serves as the President and the Chief Executive of Gulf Coast Western energy company which is entrusted with the management of already established partnerships in the Oil and Gas sector. The partnerships are also known as Joint Ventures. The coming together of the oil and gas firms helps them to pool their resources, talents, technical know-how and experience.

Their main objective is to discover, establish, and purchase domestic oil and gas deposits that they get. The firm also concentrates on premises that have both geological and geophysical advantages. Gulf Coast energy firm also seeks to acquire various energy ventures that have the potential to have good returns and presents minimal risks to the participating partners.

The President of this energy firm also pointed out that its success is derived from the transparent relationships that this firm maintains with its distinguished partners. This relationship is based on complementary respect and understanding that is created by working with veracity and nobility.

The energy firm also embarked in vigorous surveys and investigations. This enabled it to base its operations on surveying and acquiring oil and gas-rich areas and also leasing thousands of acres which they will develop in future. Gulf Coast Western is also looking forward to conducting surveys in other regions of the US so that they can develop them.

The organization has established more 1000 partnerships with whom they have done businesses together. More than 70% of these partners have worked with Gulf Coast Western in more than one venture. This energy firm is also proud of its fundamental principles which include ethics and business nobility.

How Hussain Sajwani turned out to be the most successful business person in UAE’s real estate

There is power in consistency. This is a quote that Hussain Sajwani, an experienced businessman from the UAE proves all too well. Hussain who is the man behind DAMAC properties was born in 1965 in a humble home of entrepreneurs. Ever since he was young, Hussain had that spark for success, and it is this characteristic that has helped shape him into the affluent business person we see today.

How he achieved the billionaire status

As noted earlier, Hussain came from a humble home, but his prowess in academics, as well as extracurricular activities, saw him qualify for a government scholarship to study abroad. He was among the first beneficiaries of Dubai government scholarships to the University of Washington. Here Sajwani pursued a bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering and economics.

This academic accreditation paved the way for him as he got the opportunity to work with a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi national oil company known as GASCO. It’s during this period that he developed an interest in catering and after a year, took the entrepreneurship path by establishing a catering business.

A new dawn

Even though it took a while for the business to thrive, his natural entrepreneurship skills as well as the experience he earned while at GASCO saw him steer the business to a better place. Within a year, the company had over 200 orders a day and operated internationally with the US military and a company known as Bechtel being its main clients.

Even though he was quite successful in hospitality, Hussain saw the influx of foreign investors in Dubai as a business opportunity and decided to venture in real estate. He started by constructing small-scale luxury hotels to accommodate them. Soon his unique projects became a matter of public interest, and he began getting invites to significant projects. This was how DAMAC properties, one of the largest real estate companies in UAE was born.

Since then, Hussain has grown to become one of the most successful business people in the UAE, ranking fourth on Forbes list of the richest Arabs. His ability to point out profitable investments before anyone can notice them is what makes him different, and is one of the reasons why today he conducts business with conglomerates like the Trump organization, as well as being a close friend to the Trumps.

The Commitment that David McDonald Gives OSI Group

The career path of David McDonald has been filled with a lot of companies that are all successful. OSI Group is among the companies that he has worked at, which has been of enormous help to the success that he has received. The experience that he has gained over the years he uses them so well so that the people can learn from him. According to David having such a company like OSI Group, the last thing anyone should do is worrying while running the business. The other thing is that he makes good use of the experience to offer his customers the best variety of food. What David has maintained that has set him apart from others is providing quality products and services to his customers.

It’s not an easy thing for food companies to always be sustainable. David McDonald has been in the industry for long to know this, and that’s why he ensures that he works extra hard to still have sustainability for OSI group. He puts a lot of effort in his work, and it has been evident because OSI Group has received nothing but success from the time it was founded. The experience has been nothing but the best for David because he has gotten to learn all about different areas of food and their needs. He tries different things so that he can be able to offer the customers more varieties.

The main focus for David McDonald of his company OSI Group is sustainability, but the other thing that is on his goals is that he wants to see the company grow. The other thing that David McDonald does is acquiring other companies. The one thing that he will be careful when doing this is doing it the right way so that issues that come with the company will not affect him. Also, David learns everything about a company, the values that they will bring to OSI Group and the challenges that they are faced if they acquired a specific company. That has been of help because David has never purchased a company that was a disappointment to him.

Wes Edens First Big Project For Milwaukee Bucks Realized

Wes Edens is a fierce businessman with interests in transport, real estate, energy, private equity, and sports. He is the co-founder, board member and principal in charge of the Private Equity department of the fortress investment group. He is the owner of the league of legends fly Quest.

Along with Marc Lasry, Wes bought the National Basket Association team based in Wisconsin Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 at a price of $550 million. Wes brought in his experience of managing complex financial institutions to Milwaukee coming up with a grand plan to transform Buck to one of the most coveted indoor destinations in America.

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When Wes Edens announced the start of a new Milwaukee Buck stadium in 2016, he had a bigger plan than what could meet the eye of a layman understanding. The marshaling of resources started immediately, and the buck owners got a $250 million funding deal from the public for the arena. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium started on 8th June 2016 in the presence of Edens and marc. This event marked a new era for the Wisconsin NBA team.

On August 26th, 2018 the new Milwaukee Buck stadium opened to the public for free. Wes Edens confirmed naming right with America technology giant company Fiserv. Although the management did not not disclose the price, it was clear that the new stadium will be called Fiserv Forum. It is a world class stadium with 17500 capacities for basketball fans and 18000 sizes for concerts. With the best technology among basketball stadiums, a fan can ask for refreshments with an app while seated. The seats are with personal details of the ticket holder immediately after booking.

When Wes Edens and his colleague were buying Milwaukee Buck, it was worth $ 550 million, but currently, it is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. The new face of the buck team will increase revenue basket. More concerts will perform at the new Fiserv Forum stadium, and more fans, of course, would like to enjoy the comfort of the stadium. Wes looks forward to meeting people of Wisconsin in the new Bucks’ arena.

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“How Marc Beer raised $32M for his startup “

Recently, Marc Beer revealed that he had raised $32 million through Series B round for his startup company Renovia Inc. This money is meant for the development of new equipment that will be used in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The deal comes as a huge sign of hope for the many women that suffer from this condition without a reliable source of therapy. Now, the company says that they will develop four new products that will help in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. In addition to that, they will release a new version of Leva, their FDA-approved product that was launched in April.

About pelvic floor disorders

A lot of recent studies have concluded that a lot of women who suffer from these conditions. They are spread across the globe, and they are all faced with one problem; a lack of effective treatment methods. Urinary Incontinence, one of the most widespread disorders under this category, affects 250 million people in the world. With such large numbers, it was important for Marc Beer to find the funds fast enough so that the process of developing the products can commence. He also pointed out that they hope to create better products that will offer a long-term solution.

What Marc said

Marc Beer was excited when announcing the news and said that it was a breakthrough for his company and all the partners that have made things possible. He also said that he was happy to be associated with some of the best minds in the healthcare industry. While pointing out that they share the same vision and plans, he indicated that he would use the new found resources to ensure that the millions of women who have been suffering for long get a solution that they can believe in.

Merging the effort

According to Marc, what the industry needs is for the major players to come together and join their ideas so that the products can be developed faster. Renovia Inc. CEO believes that through cooperation with all stakeholders, they can come up with systems that use technology to provide accurate data to patients. In addition to that, he hopes that the availability of technological solutions will provide patients with a better understanding of the diseases and the available treatment. When this is done, the quality of healthcare concerning pelvic floor disorders will raise as the costs come down.

A few facts about Marc Beer

Mr. Beer founded Renovia Inc. and is the company’s CEO. He dedicates his time to developing products that help women to overcome pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence. With about twenty five years of experience in this industry, he has been contributing to the development of such solutions. Learn more:

Renew Youth Providing Treatment For Age-Related Issues

It is essential for women to go for treatment as they age during and before the menopause. Many certain and subtle changes occur in the body of women during this period that would impact the normal routine life negatively if left untreated. Renew Youth is a healthcare company that has a wide range of programs for men and women to get through various age-related issues. As there are innumerable issues that tend to crop up as we age, it is better to stay prepared beforehand. The medical world has advanced dramatically in the last few years, and there are many precautionary steps you can take to prevent many diseases and health issues to surface as we age.

There are different aging symptoms in men and women and Renew Youth has programs and products to address these symptoms. Renew Youth has a network of doctors across the United States, and as soon as you contact the company, they would consult with you and answer all your questions and clarify all the doubts you might have. In the women especially, there are very drastic hormonal changes that take place. Women should not take the symptoms of menopause lightly and must get it treated before it starts to hamper your body and life negatively.

Consulting with the doctors of Renew Youth and getting enrolled in their physician-supervised programs would help you get through the perimenopausal period in an efficient manner. The plan would take care of your entire body, starting from taking care of mental health to physical health, including skin care, energy levels, fatigue levels, and much more. Renew Youth provides comprehensive healthcare program for women and men that help in going through the age-related issues in a very efficient manner. Renew Youth continues to develop their plan to help its members.

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Deirdre Baggot Works To Change Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced medical clinician and hospital executive who has been championing for the mainstreaming of bundled payments. She is a pioneer in the field and has helped with the development of many different innovations when it comes to payment reform in health care. She has carried out these services for 2 different advisory firms and continues to support the cause.

Before becoming an advisor, she worked in academic healthcare for a decade. Deirdre Baggot has worked for both Northwestern Memorial Hospital as well as the University of Michigan Healthcare System. It was while working for the University of Michigan Health System that she made the decision to get into the world of consulting with her Chief Executive Officer. She made the move to The Camden Group in 2010 in order to help create a consulting practice that was focused on healthcare reimbursements. She served as one of CMS’ expert reviewers in 2012 for their bundled payments program. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

Early on, Deirdre Baggot wasn’t sure that she would do well when it came to consulting because she didn’t have any experience in the field. Fortunately, the CEO that she had made the move with believed in her abilities and referred many clients to her. It only took about 3 months for her to start turning a profit in her business. She accredits a lot of her success to having a great team backing her and a lot of knowledge on the subject.

She believes that experience and knowledge is the best way to attract and keep clients. It’s not enough to just know a lot of theory about a subject, you have to have practiced it in real life in order to know how things actually work. The mentors that she has had over the years have also helped inspire her and teach her what she needs to know.

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Madison Street Capital is a Game Changer in Mergers and Acquisitions

During the process involving the Sachs Capital Group and RMG Networks acquisition process, Madison Street Capital played a crucial role as the financial advisor of Sachs Capital Group led by the Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director. On the other hand, Merion Investment Partners together with Virgo Capital, a debt facility provider, facilitated the funding of the process. RMG is a company that specializes in digital signage media services, both in software and hardware to a half percent of the Fortune 100. The Sachs Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer stated that the company was happy to complete the transaction successfully under the leadership of Madison Street Capital. He added that Sachs was delighted to have an experienced Madison for guidance and identifying reliable capital sources on behalf of the company. He commended Madison for a job well done in the acquisition.


On his side, Barry Petersen pointed out that the process of supporting the transaction boosted the Madison Street Capital reputation in mergers and acquisitions processes. He added that the process was fascinating because RMG Networks would capitalize the newly launched Korbyt®. The new venture is digital signage and cloud-based corporate communication system. On September 28, 2108, the RMG stocks stopped trading at NASDAQ Stock Exchange, and each stockholder received cash of $1.29 for each share. Based in Dallas, Texas, RMG combines business applications, hardware, and software services for digital messaging to help companies increase efficiency and productivity. Sachs Capital Group provides controlling and non-controlling flexible financial support to entrepreneurs. The company operates under superior management, business fundamentals and focuses on valuations and corporate governance.


Madison Street Capital is a prominent investment banking company that offers its services through serious leadership, excellence, and integrity. The company specializes in merger and acquisitions, financial opinions, valuation services, and financial advisory services. The company serves both private and public businesses in helping them succeed in their endeavors. The company takes the goals and objectives of its client’s new project including financial advisory, raising capital, all transactions, and ownership transfers.


Having operated in the financial Investment Advisory industry for 13 years, Madison Street Capital has proved to be one of the greatest players in the field. The company has facilitated many successful mergers and acquisitions, financial advice and other investment support to many prominent publicly and privately owned businesses. They have proven their expertise in investment and financial matters. There is no regret working with them.


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A Career In The Invention and Development of Technologies: Serge Belamant

The blockchain technology

The blockchain technology was developed by Serge Belamant and his own company, Net 1 technologies. Like any new invention or technology, getting people to use and accept the blockchain technology was not easy. Net 1 and Serge Belamant spent the first few slowly building a customer base. Serge Belamant was instrumental in developing the blockchain technology for smart cards. His first intended clients were banks and other institutions that offered financial services. Therefore, Belamant spent his first years of the firm trying to get banks to implement the universal electronic payment system. The silver lining FIR the company was in 1995 when visa hired Net 1, especially Serge Belamant technologies to invent a new application, through FTP/UEPS technology. After the deal with Visa went through, he moved his operations to the United States. There, Serge had all the effort and support he needed to complete his creative inventions. The product of the union between Visa and Net 1 was the COPAC, Chip Online Pre-Authorized Card. The COPAC technology is still being used by Visa to secure their cards against fraud, verifying personal identification numbers and misuse of credit. When Serge finally returned to South Africa, Net 1 was listed in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The History of The Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is a cryptography enabled ledger of financial records. It is used, mostly by financial institutions, to prevent fraud, promote transparency, promote data accuracy and the security of the information for both the institutions and their clients. These ledgers are developed to cryptographically include the details about the transactions and the timestamp for when the transaction occurred. Belamant was very instrumental in developing the technology for smart cards. Serge designed  cards in such a way it included a microprocessor that functioned offline and online.

The technology parents of Belamant

Serge had been active and very instrumental in the development of a number of technologies that have led him to file for a number of his invention patents. Patents are used by inventors to prevent and protect their inventions as well as promote them for financial gain. Under the development of the blockchain technology,he had filed for about six patents that have been granted to him. They include verification of a transactors identity and secure financial transactions that are still pending.

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Cloudwick Amazon and Machine Learning Search Recaps

The following represents a recap of searching “Cloudwick Amazon” and “Cloudwick Machine Learning” via Google. Included in the recap are article/site summaries, as well as sources.

Amazon Search Recap

Cloudwick (CW) is a managed service provider partner of Amazon that offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) via its serverless data lake. With its secure, serverless data lake, CW allows application of machine learning and advanced analytics on any data structure (i.e., unstructured, semi-structured and structured). The data services offered enable evaluation of new business models for use with customers, partners and other enterprise data users. Using both traditional and modern data analysis tools, the information can be securely shared and analyzed to help provide additional insights into patterns and behaviors. [1] In addition to the data lake, data warehousing modernization is also offered. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Big Data Competency provider, Cloudwick is a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Additional consulting services offered include providing a full spectrum of integrated options, including data ingestion from multiple data sources, data management and cataloging, analytics, as well as report generation/visualization. [2]

Machine Learning Recap

At its core, machine learning is artificial intelligence. Machine learning, its workflow, uses, implementation, analytics and strategic based decisioning is another service that Cloudwick provides via its Amazon partnership. The provisioning of this type of service model is known as Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) and is available on a subscription or consultancy basis. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning are all operationally related and all are CW services offered through Amazon. [3]

The demand for CW’s machine learning services has grown in recent years and the firm added on eight (8) new machine learning engineers during 2018. [4] According to, CW Machine Learning Engineer salaries can range from an estimated $135,397-$146,656 annually. [5]

Also, not limited to just working with Amazon, the company has partnered with Intel and other leading data center based cloud and security providers. Their joint efforts culminated in the launch of CDL, a “Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity” collaborative. [6]

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