Ashwin - Santa Fe’s Boutique Stable


We hear it over and over again: Ashwin Stable is the best equestrian setup in Santa Fe with its 70’ X 140’ ventilated wood structure indoor arena with a wall of mirrors and viewing stand. 110’ X 240’ outdoor arena. Both sand and rubber. 16 stalls with individual runs cleaned daily, turnout, ample quality hay, 3 feedings a day. All this in a lovely, quiet country setting, 10 minutes from the Plaza. Beautifully situated in the side of a hill, protected from wind, we have access to our own trails and beyond. Our excellent management and horse care manager lives on the premises. We have 8 stalls in two separate adjacent barns, immediately available for occupancy.
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Jean Altshuler

(505) 471-2867


Ashwin is a Horse’s Dream Home