Fashion’s Relationship with Technology According to Chris Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch is not any average man in society. Through his excellent company called Burch Creative Capital, he has been active in the fashion and technology industry. His interest culminates from him having founded a company called Eagles Apparel that dealt in fashion and how to incorporate technology into fashion. All these has made him be a respected and accomplished entrepreneur and investor. Not less than fifty companies in America owe their success to Chris Burch.
He has managed to make such wonderful career in 40 years. Through the years, he has gotten unmatched and unrivaled expertise and experience. This has enabled him to offer impeccable services to companies and brands that range from Ellen DeGeneres to TRADEMARK and also Poppin.
Chris Burch has always had an interest in technology and fashion and how these two distinct industries are intertwined. In the 80s and 90s, one wouldn’t imagine that there would be cool gadgets like the Samsung Smartwatch and Apple Smartwatch. If you are spotted with such devices in this current times, people get the impression that you are a very fashionable and technological advanced person.
According to Burch, for a person to know what the future holds he or she must know his or her past and present times. With this in mind one can easily predict the future between of these industries. Fashion and technology are here to stay, and we better embrace them as they will form a big part of the future. An iPod is a fashionable gadget, but few could imagine in the 60s, 70s or 80s that such a gadget would ever exist. One gadget that is currently fashionable is the SwegBoard; it has become very familiar, and it was made in conjunction with a British fashion designer and an engineer.
Currently, there are designs like the DareDroid and the self-painting dress which is also called the Pseudomorphs. Technology and fashion can also be found in the motor industry through the use of airbag helmets. When you accidentally get an accident while cycling, an airbag will be released so as to protect your neck from injury. The world is going green, take for instance Tesla cars that run on full electricity. Fashion and technology have also not been left behind as most materials used to make cool devices with the use of technology are made out of recycled materials.

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Shampoo vs Cleansing Conditioner

There are so many shampoos in the store that it can be confusing to decide which one to use. Moisturizing, oil hair, volumizing and clean hair and just some of the types to choose from. Once you do decide on one, your hair may change and you may need to select a new type. This process keeps continuing as long as you are using shampoo.

This rotating process can be stopped by using WEN hair by Chaz. This is a cleansing conditioner that can by used by anyone with any hair type. This product was created to replace five products that you are likely using right now. Those products are a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler.

Using this cleaning conditioner can also save you money. Instead of having to purchase all five of the products separately, all you need to do is purchase the one cleansing conditioner.

This product is also very good for your hair. There are no harsh chemicals and this product will not strip your hair. This product will actually do the opposite and make your hair healthier in a short period of time.

Chaz Dean is the man behind Wen by Chaz. He is a stylist with many celebrity clients. He created his line because he wanted a stellar product that would be the best for hair. Many of his celebrity clients use this eBay sold product on a regular babies and the general population has a big following as well.

This is a product that is changing the hair industry and the results are very positive. Chaz Dean has created a product that can be used by anyone with great results! Visit the brand’s official Wikipedia page to know it better.

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Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release Questioning Claims Made By GTL

Press releases are a method that many companies use to keep the public informed of various events, activities, awards, and accomplishments made by the companies. For many years, press releases have been a model that companies have used successfully, and people read press releases to keep up-to-date with company related information.


In recent months, GTL has sent out several press releases related to technology that the company is currently in patent processes with related to ownership and rights. In the press releases sent out by GTL regarding the technology, many claims were made related to the technology that involved Securus technologies.


As a result, Securus Technologies recently sent out a press release to state that the claims made by GTL are incorrect and misinformed. Securus Technologies feels that the claims made by GTL do not provide the entire story and do not contain accurate information. In the press release sent out by Securus Technologies, all the claims made by GTL were mentioned one by one.



Securus Technologies gave its thoughts on each claim made by GTL and supported its thoughts with the reasons why the claims made by GTL are inaccurate. I think that Securus Technologies did a good job of supporting its version of why the claims made by GTL are inaccurate. I also feel that the press release by Securus Technologies was done in a respectful manner while stating the company’s opinion against the claims. The press release sent out by Securus Technologies was an attempt to provide the company’s side of the issue with GTL.


Securus Technologies is a company that concentrates on technology related products and services. The company has been serving a variety of organizations for many years. Securus Technologies typically serves organizations that conduct operations in public safety, corrections, and law enforcement. Additionally, Securus Technologies serves inmates across the country.



How Kate Hudson Grew Fabletics To A Multi-Million Dollar Company

This month Maggie Maloney wrote an article on about how Fabletics became a giant in the athletic wear industry in just three years. Right now, Fabletics is making a whopping $250 million a year. Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics explains how she did it at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. There were highs and lows within the three years that Fabletics has been operating, and Kate says she felt a tremendous amount of pressure being the founder of a company on Twitter and a celebrity because it felt like eyes were always on her. But Kate says since Fabletics launched she can’t believe the amount of success they’ve seen.

At this point Fabletics has 400 employees and 1000 customer service and that with its continuing growth, the Fabletics team will continue to grow. Kate says when you’re a celebrity you must make sure your always on top of things. Kate Hudson says that although Fabletics has been increasingly expanding, they don’t forget about their core values of staying an all-inclusive brand that doesn’t discriminate and they have kept to those words, so this year they plan to release clothes in extended plus sizes. The article ends with Kate explaining the main reason to their success is the great team she has working at Fabletics and that they are only strong together.

Read more: Fabletics – Wikipedia

Fabletics is an activewear clothing company that was launched in October of 2013 that creates stylish activewear ensembles that can be worn when working out or even for everyday wear. There clothes are colorful and printed and come in tons of different styles. You can find clothes especially made for yoga, running, or going to the gym. Their products are sold worldwide and as of June 2015 they even sell a men’s clothing line on Pinterest. When you go to their website you can take a style quiz to find the style fit for you. Once you complete their quiz you will be shown outfits per your taste. You can also subscribe to them so that you receive Fabletics each month in the mail. Not only that but every month there are new styles released so there’s always something new to fall in love with. See:

Labaton Sucharow LLP Secures Second Largest SEC Whistleblower Payout

Labaton Sucharow LLP was the first law firm to specialize exclusively in SEC whistleblower protection. In 2010, Congress finally passed Wall Street regulations in the form of the Dodd Frank bill. The pill has many shortcomings but it goes a long way in protecting SEC whistleblowers when they come forward to shine a light on wrongdoing in the financial services industry.

The law firm is now pleased to announce that it secured the second largest financial reward for an SEC whistleblower. The $17 million reward is a significant cut of the government fines recuperated from the SEC whistleblowers financial institution.

Dodd Frank allows any SEC whistleblower that comes forward under the rules of the act to collect anywhere between 10 and 30% of the fines levied against the financial institution that they exposed. To qualify for this financial incentive, the fines must be over $1 million. That is quite a financial incentive for any SEC whistleblower looking to come forward.

The whistleblower protections found in Dodd Frank are an incredibly efficient way of rooting out criminal activity in the financial services industry. With massive financial incentives and incredible protections, any employee that stumbles upon wrongdoing has an impetus to come forward now.

Jordan A Thomas, the top SEC whistleblower lawyer at Labaton Sucharow LLP, said of the financial reward, “My client blew the whistle when others in the financial services industry were content to remain silent and allow investors to be harmed. In the coming years, I predict that many of the SEC’s largest and most significant cases will be the result of courageous whistleblowers. This is just the beginning.”

Mr. Thomas is the leading SEC whistleblower protection lawyer in the country. He represented the first executive to receive a financial reward for whistleblowing. Mr. Thomas successfully defended the first employee to be retaliated against for whistleblowing.

Mr. Thomas used to work at the Securities and Exchange Commission as a litigator in their enforcement wing. The SEC whistleblower attorney has intimate knowledge of the protections found in Dodd Frank. Whistleblowers can come forward anonymously through a lawyer like Mr. Thomas. This ensures the whistleblowers anonymity through the entire process which guarantees protection from retaliation.

Labaton Sucharow LLP also notes that any SEC whistleblower may be entitled to even more compensation than the federal incentive. In SEC whistleblower may be entitled to a cut of any fines collected by other law enforcement agencies.

Free advice for anyone that wants to be as successful as Brian Bonar

To be successful as a finance executive, you will need a lot more than just fancy degree. In addition to the schooling and the hard skills, it will be great to have experience in running all kinds of business setups for without this experience, the company may not head to the direction that you need it to.

For the finance sector of a business to be managed properly, one needs to use their personality traits to their advantage. In addition to the traits, you will need to be versatile as this will help you fit into different company cultures. There are companies that are actually carrying out tests on the personality traits of the people they want to hire to see whether they are a good fit for the business.

Brian Bonar is not new to the finance sector. He has been working in the management of finances for Dalrada Financial Corp. His position gives him the authority to supervise all the activities that go on in the business.

He handles employer and employee benefits and also deals with the aftermarket goods. His company offers their clientele the solutions they need to increase the productivity of their businesses.

Besides working as a finance specialist, Brian is the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation. This is a company that develops color management software and also organizing hardware used for digital imaging.

His skill and expertise has helped him raise the company from a mere developer to an organization that handles marketing. His journey has not been without the common ups and downs that people face, but one of his greatest strengths as a person and as a leader has always been seeing opportunities in adversities. This is what has led to him leaping from one success to the other.

Brian Bonar has been using skills such as strategic acquisitions to expand the market of the company to one that offers both products and also services. His background as a finance expert has come in handy more than once when he needed to make decisions that would steer his company towards profitability.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar also has certain ideologies and personal traits that make him a better business executive. He is a flexible leader, something that helps him fit in wherever he goes.

The journey of this great business executive started with an undergraduate degree from Strathclyde. He followed this up with a masters degree from Staffordshire, where he also undertook his graduate studies.

He has worked or other companies such as Adaptec, Inc and Trucept, Inc. He has the combination of knowledge, skills and personality traits that make a great business leader. His resume and track record clearly show that he is the best at what he does.