Marc Beer the Humanitarian

Marc Beer is the Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc. Renovia Inc., is a company that was formed with the idea to better improve the lives of women around the world. The idea is to restore women’s pelvic health by finding innovative ways to restore pelvic floor muscles. Marc has an exceptional resume under his belt. In 1987, he graduated with a bachelor’s from the University of Miami. After graduating, he went on to hold many positions in the pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry including CEO of ViaCell, Chairman of Myolex, and eventually co-founded Renovia Inc. Without a question, Mr. Beer’s passion for women’s health is obvious, and in recent news has been the face of a campaign to help raise money for that cause.

$42 million Campaign

Marc Beer has been in the process of the developing new products for pelvic floor disorders for some time now. Just recently, he has secured $42 million for the startup of production for these new products. He closed a $32 million B round with a $10 million in venture debt. The goal is to try to attack urinary disorders like incontinence, which millions of women suffer from. How they plan to go about doing this is to develop diagnostic and therapeutic products fight off the disorders. The first product, Leva, has already been FDA approved as of this past April. Investors, like the Longwood Fund, are really excited about to be involved in leading the charge to finding new ways to help women maintain good health. Beer believes that the combination of their innovative technologies and form factors with a digital health platform will give women the understanding and knowledge of the severity of pelvic health, which will ultimately lower long-term health costs.

In Conclusion

In the world of women’s health, pelvic disorders are an epidemic. With millions of women suffering from these ailments, it is surprising that more are not leading the charge on finding ways to treat this problem. Fortunately, Marc Beer and his team are committed to the advancement of that arena. Learn more:

Ted Bauman’s Stock Market Advice

The stock market can be compared to a roller coaster, it goes up and down constantly. People can make a fortune on it, while others can lose everything. Regardless of the turbulent nature of it, people keep investing in the stock market. Ted Bauman is a financial guru, writer, entrepreneur, and advocate for people’s financial rights. He started off his career in the non-profit sector gaining a worldly view on how finances are handled.

Ted Bauman knows that big corporations and government institutions do not always have people’s best interest at heart when it comes to their finances. That is why he is dedicated to educating people on how to protect their assets and maintain their privacy. He has spoken on several occasions to groups of people about finances. This includes recently speaking at the Total Wealth Symposium this year and in Las Vegas Nevada in September. As a speaker, he was able to educate the audience about how to take care of their finances. On a daily basis, Ted Bauman writes in his newsletters about investing, protecting assets, and special opportunities. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing when he created Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club.

If you want to financially win, you have to plan long term. When looking at the stock market, taking a balanced approach to it is vital. Mr. Bauman recommends investing in both stocks and bonds is financially smart. Stocks can make a lot of money short term, kind of like hitting the jackpot. They can also drop very low causing people to lose everything. Investing in bonds too are smart because they offer monthly dividends. Although they do not pay off in big amounts in shorter periods of time, they are slow and steady. In the long run, they are a smarter investment choice. Having a strategy when it comes to your financial portfolio is key for long term success. Ted Bauman earned a MBA in finance from Georgia State University and a BS from The State University of New York. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his family.

Brian Torchin Career in Medicine

The medical profession is exciting, but it is only reserved for the people who are passionate about serving the community and saving lives. The people who venture into the healthcare world with this passion end up abandoning their careers because they cannot keep up with the pressure in this department. There are veteran doctors who have been in the industry for a long time, and they have left great legacies for many generations to see. Brian Torchin is a successful medic who is doing his best to introduce change in the professionals who serve as medics in the healthcare department. Brian is always happy because of the career he chose many years ago, and he doesn’t wish to have any other profession. More about of Brian Torchin at Digital Journal

The New York based investor was always interested in community service even when he was growing up in his hometown. When he got the chance to study in one of the medical schools in New York, the serial investor was extremely happy, and he embraced the opportunity with both hands. The foundation he laid for his career has enabled him to perform so well in the complicated world. Brian Torchin graduated with two degrees, from different learning institutions. There were many opportunities for him in the market by the time he was graduating, but the investor realized that it was challenging for the people in his industry to locate the jobs that suited their academics.

Brian Torchin chose to start an institution that would focus on the employment needs of the people in the medical department. The institution he came up with was named HCRC Staffing. Although he had to deal with the challenges of starting a new company in the market, the businessman is started to enjoy the fruits of his hard work. Torchin has changed the lives of the medics who get their job opportunities through his platform. There are millions of patients who are happy about the investor because they received the healthcare they needed through these professionals. The hardworking American entrepreneur has invested so much of his time in this organization, and this is why it has been doing so well in the tough times.



Michel Terpins is a Living Rally Car Legend

Michel Terpins is one of the drivers at the forefront of rally car racing in Brazil. there are few racers in the entire nation that are as accomplished as he is considering he usually takes home first place whenever he races. Michel began racing for a living more than 10 years ago in his native Sau Paolo.Having a career in sports is somewaht expected in Michel’s family as it is one made up of sports lovers. His own father played professional basketball in the country in his younger years. Not to mention, Michel’s brother Rodrigo Terpins also races professionally. The two see their rivalry as friendly competition. You can visit



The two are very close and have even put together a rally team. It is a sort of passion project for them both. The duo are always prepared and ready to partake in any race they feel will allow them to showcase their driving prowess. at one such event Michel found himself heavily favored to win after the first 62 kilometers when he had to pull out due to trouble with the vehicle. These troubles caused him to place last as he was not able complete the race.


The rally championships have been very favorable for Rodrigo Terpins as he has really good showings throughout his racing career. Both Michel and Rodrigo had very high place finishes at the Rally Rota SC. When you take the time to really look at his many accolades it is hard to argue against him being Brazil’s top rally car driver. He is already at the top of the rally champion prototypes T1 division. For more details visit Terra.


Michel Terpins consistently shows why he is so well respected in his field. He is someone members of the next generation really look up to and aspire to be like. When it is all said and done he will no doubt be considered a rally car legend.


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How OSI Food Solutions Enriches the Nutritional Landscape

There’s quite a few organizations who are working to make the world a better place. But one company in particular stands apart from the rest. OSI Food Solutions has been able to improve the state of the world by providing both good food and the jobs which come with it.

This isn’t always readily apparent when looking at OSI Food Solutions as an individual business. But it becomes quite obvious when examining how they perform day to day business activities. A good example can be found in Chicago.

Tyson Food was getting ready to shut down their Chicago location. And in doing so, around 480 jobs would be lost. Saying this is a major blow to an area would be an understatement. But OSI Food Solutions stepped in and bought the location for 7.4 million dollars. The purchase didn’t just save jobs. It also serves to invigorate the local economy. This would be quite significant in isolation from any other factors. However, it’s the general nature of the company which makes these purchases even more significant.

For example, they received the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. They wanted to recognize OSI Food Solutions for exemplary management of environmental risks. Receipt of the award is first dependent on meeting strict criteria. And from there one needs to demonstrate further excellence and care for the avoidance of environmental risks.

OSI’s European environmental manager, Kelly Grimwood, received special attention as well. As the award was given, the safety council made special note of the fact that leadership is a fundamental part of this excellence. They further highlighted OSI’s nature by mentioning that one can legislate basic compliance. But one needs something special to ensure that people go above and beyond. This is what OSI has been able to bring to the world.

It’s not just a company which works to meet the bare minimum. This can certainly make a company functional. But OSI’s contributions to the world only work as well as they do thanks to a commitment to excellence. They wouldn’t be in a position to enrich local economies, such as with the Tyson Foods purchase, if not for widespread success. It’s not enough for them to simply do well. They need to stand above all other competitors.

But the fact that they do so while also holding to strict ethical guidelines gives them added bonuses in multiple different ways. They get official recognition, as with the recent award. And they have a chance to truly inspire as well. OSI stands as proof that food can enrich the body, the earth and even the economy.

Guilherme Paulus: Making It In The Hotel And Travel Industry

Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian national and a resident of San Paulo. The 69 year old joined the Forbes billionaires list on account of the booming Brazil’s tourism industry. He pursued business administration in college later interned at IBM.In 1972, at 24 he co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A with former partner, Carlos Vicente. The tiny travel agency transformed to the largest tour operator in Latin America attributed to his dedication.

The hotelier founded GJP Hotels and Resorts who locations are throughout Brazil. Since opening of the first hotel in 1995 over 100,000 persons have walked through his hotels. CVC’s idea came from Carlos, who was a politician then. Carlos told him of his interest to open a travel agency in San Andre. He was young with no money to invest but Carlos proposed that they form a partnership where he would invest and Paulus would work.

Carlyle Group, a private equity company bought 64% stake in CVC in late 2009. In 2013 the company stated trading in the security exchange market. It today boosts of roughly $5 billion earnings per year. Guilherme Paulus has stated that the use of technology is undoubtedly one of the things that has caught his attention. In collaboration with Omni Channel he has been able to integrate vendors online with the actual stores. He is committed to establish at least 100 new stores yearly with his company already existing in a number of malls across Brazil.

Guilherme Paulus success is largely on offering alternative travel packages to customers. He is not limited to one concept but connects to other be the business ventures. In 2006 he bought a tiny airline with only a single plane which he steered to be third largest airline in Brazil. Following attaining his desired output he sold Webjet in 2011.In 2017 he was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year in a Brazilian magazine. He has displayed his passion in creating new hotels and providing jobs in Brazil. Though being one of the first founders of CVC he sold it for about $700 million he still retains 8% of the firm. Guilherme Paulus is currently chairman of GJP group.

Michael Hagele Recommends Stress Management Techniques for Solo Entrepreneurs

Visualize Genetic Programming

There was a marvelous scene in the movie War Games with Matthew Broderick. The computer, Joshua, started playing out all the possible options of attack and counter-attack to win the war game. All the computer screens exploded with action as the computer played it out. Joshua’s inventor exclaimed, “Joshua is thinking.” This is a way for those of us who are not computer programmers to visualize genetic programming. Genetic programming is a method of presenting a problem to solve to a computer, and the computer runs through options for addressing it. It is different from the example of Joshua in War Games, however, because genetic programming enables the computer to solve the problem by creating new software.

Outside Legal Counsel to Tech Firms

Michael Hagele, J.D. Berkeley, envisions a day when genetic programming will be a routine function of everyone’s desktop computer. Michael Hagele is outside legal counsel for several cutting-edge technology firms. He specializes in those doing research and development with genetic programming and similar efforts at the vanguard of technology. It is Hagele’s role to think through the legal ramifications of these progressive technologies. He has over 15 years’ experience in working with technology firms drafting and closing technology licensing distribution and development contracts for domestic and international companies. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Stress Created by Unique Legal Niche

Michael Hagele is a practicing lawyer in this unique niche of the business and legal world. He has learned to handle the isolation and stress of being a sole practitioner with companies inventing never-before-imagined products. In a recent interview, he shared some of his stress management techniques for those who may be in similar, sole practitioner positions.

  1. Spend Time in Nature for a Fresh Outlook

“I think physical activity plays a big role in …sharpening your mind.” says Hagele, “Time can be tight, but anything you can do to get moving helps in this regard.”

  1. Cultivate Productive Habits

Hagele believes that mindset and clear priorities improve his practice and reduces stress. “I think putting the customer first is one of the most effective habits you can get into as an entrepreneur.”

  1. Utilize Software and Web Services to Save Time

Hagele listed TSA Precheck as an online service that saves him time in airports. Hagele adds this thought, “If we’re talking about love, however, I’d have to go with Strava. It’s a lot of fun keeping up with friends’ mountain bike rides…”



Jim Larkin

James Larkin was born on 21st Jan. 1876, in Liverpool, England. He spent his earlier years in the Liverpool slums and received little formal education. To increase his family’s income, he undertook several manual jobs, and later got a job as a foreman at the Liverpool docks. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

As a committed socialist, James Larkin joined the National Union Dock Laborers (NUDL). In 1905, he became the trade union’s organizer. In the union, the members did not agree with his strike action approaches, and they transferred him to Dublin in 1907.

In Dublin, Larkin started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The union’s goal involved the combination of all the Irish Industrial employees into a single organization. He drew the union’s political program in December 1908. Read more: James Larkin | Wikipedia and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin – Irish Examiner

The outline included employment for all the unemployed, employees to legally work for eight hours a day and provision of pension for all employees at 60 years of age. Adult suffrage, compulsory courts arbitration, and nationalization of all the methods of transport, also got included in the political program.

In 1912, James Larkin started the Irish Labor Party and led various strikes. The most significant of these strikes involved the 1913 Dublin Lockout. Over 100,000 employees took part in the strike for over seven months where they won the right to fair employment. He also staged large anti-war demonstrations in Dublin at the start of World War I.

James Larkin traveled to the United States in 1914 for a lecture tour, and to generate funds for fighting the British. While in America, he joined the Industrial Workers of the World and the Socialist Party of America. Larkin was sentenced for criminal anarchy and communism in 1920, then acquitted after three years and deported to Ireland.

Back in Ireland, he coordinated the Workers Union of Ireland. In 1924, he got recognized by the Communist International for organizing this union. He later joined the Labor Party in 1945. Hereafter, he continued to work for the workers’ benefits until his demise on 30th January 1947.