Sam Jejurikar

Today the world of plastic surgery has became so broad. You see many people on television whom have had work done and then there are others sitting at home who wish to have the same look. For this reason, there are people like Dr. Sameer Jejurikar. He is a plastic surgeon who has over ten years’ experience, and is also known as Dr. J.

With his expertise in cosmetic surgery took lots of studying and several years of schooling. To stay up to date with the newest surgery’s and technology he still studies a practice. Dr. Jejurikar received his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical school, and his Bachelor of Science form the University of Michigan. Other trainings and skills were also needed to make him the doctor he is today. Receiving several grants, he done a lot of research. Now Dr. Jejurikar is board certified and is wanted to complete everyone’s cosmetic look. Being board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery gets no better. He has gained so much attention and is well-known in his area for his wonderful work. Not only is Dr. Jejunikar educated and everyone loves how he can make a whole body looks normal after surgery, but he does speeches as well. Majority of his speeches preach the importance of safety above anything else.

Dr. Jejurikar talks with individuals to understand their needs and wants. He ensures that every patient he meets leave looking natural. His years of skills, studying, and experience has paid off!

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Upwork Looks to Issue an IPO

Many companies in the technology sector are often in position to make substantial profits. Technology firms are always able to get adequate funding and capital from a number of investors. One of the companies in the technology sector that is capitalizing from this trend is Upwork. The company has recently received a considerable amount of funds to list itself on stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange. There have been a couple of other tech companies that have successfully completed this task such as Spotify and Dropbox. Each of these companies has issued an IPO and become a publicly traded company.

Upwork was formed in 2014 after a merger between two other companies. Previously, there were two companies known as Elance and oDesk that started up at the beginning of the 2000’s decade. By 2014, the two companies formed a merger and renamed the new entity as Upwork. Since its inception in 2014, Upwork has made over $200 million in revenues and $1.5 billion in work volume. As a result, it has been able to become the most successful freelance work websites in the world. Today, it has also developed a reputation as being among the most trusted and legitimate work from home sites around as well.

The company provides a website where both companies and freelance professionals can come together to complete projects. For freelance professionals, they can get work from the website by inquiring about different projects. They are assigned to complete a given project on a short term basis. For companies, they are able to easily hire professionals to do tasks for them at a reasonable fee. They can hire freelancers for a number of tasks such as designing and developing websites, writing articles, editing articles, providing bookkeeping services and also providing transcription services. Upwork has established itself as the leading freelance work site due to timely escrow payments between companies and freelancers, reliable feedback and a wide range of jobs and professionals available. With all of these characteristics, Upwork will likely continue to be among the most profitable freelance work platforms in the world.

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Jingdong Opens Up Its Logistic Network To Consumers In Three Major Chinese Cities

On October 18 China’s largest retailer,, announced that regular consumers now have access to their national logistics network. This means that consumers are able to send a parcel anywhere in that nation and 90 percent of the time it will arrive at its destination in one or two days.This is available to residents of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Consumers use’s app, input some information such as where the package is to be delivered, and the parcel can be sent anywhere in mainland China., also known as Jingdong, has been increasingly opening up both its technology and its infrastructure to others including other businesses and shippers.

Consumers who access the Jingdong app will be able to specify delivery options such as what time the parcel should be delivered. In addition to regular items, they can also send high-value items such as jewelry and top-shelf electronics. has been working on greatly expanding its national network for the past decade.Urban professionals will be the ones who most use this service as they often need to get parcels reliably delivered all over China. Jingdong conducted a lot of research into offering this service to consumers and 74% of people stated that they really needed a service like this that could quickly deliver parcels and offer them a high quality service. If the parcel is being sent to an address in the same city it is being delivered from it will be same-day delivery.

Jingdong is  highly a successful company with USD $55.7 billion in revenue for 2017. They have more than 500 warehouses, fully automated, strategically placed all over China. Most customers order through the mobile app, 80 percent doing so, and they have more than 300 million people actively buying from them each year.This company was founded on June 18, 1998. It was originally a company that sold just electronics but as of October 2008, they started offering general merchandise. They now offer a huge range of products including everything from fresh food to power tools to appliances. They are strategically aligned with America’s Walmart who own a 5 percent stake in them.


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The Award-Winning, High-Soaring OSI Food Solutions

Bearing the unpopular narrative of an immigrant-based venture, OSI Food Solutions steadily rose to America’s most successful companies. With over a century of existence since 1909, it remains the most preferred to meet customers’ customized needs.

Recently, it deservingly featured among America’s top 100 food processing companies due to the impact of its chairman and CEO. Sheldon Lavin transformed the firm into a global outfit through numerous acquisitions, joint ventures as well as mergers.

A good turn rewarded
With the rampant environmental degradation, the world has been implored to deliberations to address the debasement. Luckily, the ilk of OSI Solutions has an exemplary integrated approach to environmental management risks at the core of its operations. For this reason, the British Safety Council awarded its efforts with the coveted Globe of Honor Award in 2016. Unanimously, the British Safety Council leadership lauded the firm for leading in compliance to acceptable environmental standards.

Baho Food acquisition
In the world of business, survival of the fittest is inevitable. To entities struggling with their final entrepreneurial breaths, a buy-out would provide the much-needed lifeline. To remain efficacious in the international forefront, the Dutch-based Baho Food succumbed to an acquisition by OSI Food Solutions in a move that would not oust Baho Food’s managerial team. Optimistic of possible ramifications, both companies expressed the desire to batten from the agreement.

Tyson Food acquisition
Nonetheless, ‘East or West home is best’ is an adage OSI faithfully subscribes to in a bid to expand in America. With the imminent globalization, it remains passionate about expanding in America with the prime aim of creating additional manufacturing jobs back home. The company recently acquired Tyson Food in Southside Chicago at $7.4 million. On the verge of a requisite closure of the firm, this acquisition halted looming joblessness.

Flagship Europe buy-out
The European market is lucrative, albeit for legalized businesses. To expand its presence in Europe, OSI Food Solutions acquired the UK-based Flagship Europe. Commenting on this exciting development for them, Flagship Europe’s CEO Russell Maddock remained positive on unlimited access to increased resources, new clients, and global markets alongside augmenting its position in the market. On behalf of the acquirer, David McDonald anticipated a more significant presence in the broader European market.

With its massive presence in 17 countries globally, OSI Food Solutions undeniably remains a leading-edge global food provider. If anything, with over 20,000 people on its payroll, any country would gladly be its host for business. Trendsetting remains the only vocabulary known to the company’s ownership and workforce.


Yanni Hufnagel

Yanni Hufnagel spent the last decade working as an assistant basketball coach for five different college basketball programs. He is known as a great recruiter and was expected to make it as a coach in his own right before his career came to a premature end following a sexual harassment suit.

Having been cut from his high school team, Hufnagel started commentating, which perhaps gave him an early taste of game analysis and strategy. Maintaining a passion for basketball through college, Hufnagel interned with the New Jersey Nets the summer before he began his first career position as a graduate assistant coach with the University of Oklahoma.

While at Oklahoma, Hufnagel earned his master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with an Emphasis in Intercollegiate Athletics Administration. Before completing his degree he was hired as the assistant coach and recruiter for the Harvard Crimson. In 2010, while still with the Crimson, he was able to simultaneously finish his degree, and get noticed as an assistant coach with an eye for recruitment.

Hufnagel stayed with Harvard for the first five years of his career before a brief stint at Vanderbilt where he helped recruit a stellar 2014 class for the program. He then moved on to the University of California Berkeley where, again as an assistant coach, he helped to recruit two all-star players (who are now in the NBA) which helped rank the Golden Bears as the 23rd overall team that year.

It was at UC Berkeley that Hufnagel was accused of sexual assault by a reporter, who claimed that since she was not interested in Hufnagel, he refused to provide her information related to his position which thus got her fired from her reporting job. While Hufnagel’s attorney proved that no sexual misconduct occurred on Hufnagel’s part, the damage was done and he resigns.

After this controversy, Hufnagel took on another assistant coaching job, this time with the University of Nevada, Reno. Although making it to the tournament in 2017, Hufnagel decided to not return for another year and it is unknown what his plans for the future hold.



“Biotech Firm Renovia Inc. Recently Raised $42 million In Their Series A Funding “

After securing a total of $42 million in series A funding Marc Beer of Renovia Inc. pledged to invent new diagnostic and therapeutic devices for the treatment and detection of pelvic floor disorder in women. Renovia Inc. was founded in 2010 by Marc Beer who also happens to be the current Chief Operating Officer of the same. Their long-term investor Longwood Fund also contributed to the recent fundraiser and has been a frequent benefactor of Renovia Inc. due to their belief in what the company stands for. Marc also mentioned that the funding would be utilized in R&D for better results.


Renovia Inc. launched their first-ever FDA approved product called Leva that helps women suffering from urinal incontinence. They have major plans to release a series of devices that will focus on pelvic disorders. Marc Beer has a vast experience in the biotech industry. For twenty years he has worked for pharmaceutical, biotech, and research companies and used his learning to create innovative strategies and reach milestones through hard work and persistence. He is very fluent in research work and is known for the accurate collection of data.


Apart from Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is a part of different ventures, all related to the field of biotechnology. His company ViaCell used cutting-edge technology to preserve umbilical cords for longer durations and extract stem cells from it for research purposes. The advanced research activities attracted major fundings from various investors. The company was growing at a fast rate and ultimately got acquired in 2007 by the biotech firm called PerkinElmer.


While he was working at ViaCell, he was also a Director at Erytech Pharma, a renowned biotech firm. Prior to that, he became the Executive Vice President of Genzyme and was the Global Marketing Head for most of the time in the firm. His involvement in the launch of three breakthrough products was crucial. The products were designed to fight uncommon diseases that had no simple cure. His time management is impeccable which allowed him to be in three places at once.


In the initial days of his career, Marc Beer was hired by Abbott Labs as an analyst in the Sales & Marketing team. Later on, his interests broadened towards the field of medicine and soon shifted to the pharmaceutical department of the same firm. He mentions that he feels privileged and honored to be a member of the Mass Life Science Board. He admits his days at the Biotech Industry Organization were the most enriching and productive. Marc has a strong sense of social accountability and gives back to society every once in a while. To date, he had made huge donations to charities who support children belonging from low-income families. Learn more:


Philanthropic Activities by Stream Cares Foundation, Dallas-based Stream Energy

The Stream Cares Foundation has been committed to helping individuals who were affected by the Hurricane Harvey. The activities of the Stream Cares Foundation are part of the social corporate responsibility. Through partnering with Hope Supply CO, the foundation has addressed the problem of homelessness in Dallas. During the Hurricane Harvey incidences, many organizations and companies in the USA watched helplessly. Many Americans lost their lives, pets, and homes. Stream Energy corporate responsibility is centered on taking care of the community. The introduction of the Stream Cares Foundation was based on the need to formalize the philanthropic activities of the group. For over ten years, the organization has engaged in philanthropic activities both in Texas and other parts of the country.

Activities of the Stream Cares Foundation

The philanthropic organization mainly seeks to empower local organizations and communities. It helps the needy persons in the community. The launching of a distinctive philanthropy arm is a new trend in the organization and comes with dual advantages. While the organization gets a platform to give to the community, it also attains both loyalty and respect of the potential clients. It helps deal with cases of profit falls, scandals and other undesirable events. In the USA, the corporate sector is viewed as being generous and offered more than $ 19 billion to different charities.

In the case of the Dallas-based Satre, it has created long-term relationships with Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and other charities. Stream Energy employs direct energy sales which helps create a loyal client base. It also offers both corporate and residential services at discounted rates. The discounted clean energy is offered to virtual doctors and telemedicine. One of the elements that the organization cares about is homelessness. Both the employees and the organization track down individuals who are homeless in the region. Through the introduction of the Hope Supply co. the organization offers clothing, diapers, school supplies and other commodities to homeless children. During the Texas Tornado in 2016, Stream Energy spring into action and helped many individuals. The group worked with the Stream Energy Associates, Salvation Army, and other groups. Other than taking part in charitable events, the organization offers financial aids to different initiatives.

Robert Ivy On The Benefits Of Professional Associations

Robert Ivy is a decorated mind within the world of architecture. He has worked as the Editor in Chief on the largest architectural publications in the world and he has won more than a handful of prestigous awards for his work in the industry. Ivy was even named ‘Master Architect’ by the national fraternity of architecture, Alpha Rho Chi. With so many decorations on his resume, when Robert Ivy speaks about ways that future architects can improve their chances to succeed, they would do well to listen. Today, we are going to be discussing the benefits of joining a professional society like the American Institute of Architects of which Robert Ivy leads the company as CEO. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

A professional society is an institution comprised of like-minded individuals that are all working toward similar goals. Similar to a union or a trade organization but not the same, professional societies focus on developing individuals and working with singular people instead of larger companies. The American Institute of Architects was founded in order to give architects of all experience levels the ability to grow as a professional by offering them a wide array of tools and opportunities. Robert Ivy has touted the American Institute of Architects as a great place for up and coming architects due to the fact that it is an organization that can provide all of the required tools to hit the ground running in the industry. Let’s go ahead and look through a few of those tools now. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

According to Ivy, professional societies like the American Institute of Architects are among the best places in the world to begin networking for a career in architecture. The architecture industry is notoriously small and becoming ingratiated with the community is absolutely an ideal way to get ahead in the business. Ivy touts the American Institute of Architects as the perfect place to get to know the big architects of tomorrow. Additionally, Ivy believes that the American Institute of Architects is an ideal place to learn the tricks of the trade thanks to the variety of analytical tools that were specially developed for members of the group.


How Waiakea Water Is Revolutionizing The Packaged Water Industry

Founded in 2012, Waiākea provides bottled water extracted from the widely known Waiakea volcanic water also known as the Hawaiian volcanic water which originates in Hawaii by the natural phenomenon of rain or snowmelt on the peak of the Mauna Lao Volcano which is one of the active volcanoes in the world. The water seeps through a few thousand feet of lava rock before accumulating on the green base of the Mauna Loa volcano which can be extracted and refined for drinking purposes and additional health benefits.

The company focuses on creating a brand that can be meaningful to customers. They focused on creating a triple bottom line model which is different from already existing packaged drinking water providers. Waiakea wants to revolutionize the bottled water industry by moving away from the singular profit-oriented system and adopt a business model that emphasizes on the customers and the planet.

In 2015, Waiakea water was recognized as the most talked about beverage in the United States and also received other accolades due to innovation. The company has a set of 3 core principles they focus on health, sustainability, and social accountability. Apart from providing tasteful and healthy water to the consumers, they also focus on protecting the environment by bringing down pollution to a minimum and also strongly believe in financially and morally assisting people who require it.

The sacred water Waiakea seeps down thousands of layer of the porous lava rock which is rich in minerals. This process enriches the water with vital minerals and electrolytes that supplements the health of a consumer. Known for being the most alkaline water available for use, Waiakea water ph level stands at 8.8 with a TDS of 62.

Now coming to the excellent regeneration rate of the reservoir at the base of the active volcano, the sacred water refills at a rate of 1.4 billion gallons every day out of which Waiakea manages to bottle 1% of the reserves and uses energy efficient vehicles for transport purposes. The company recently announced their plans to shift from the use of plastic bottles to degradable bottles.