Let Walmart and Beneful benefit your dog

How do these two work together? As usual you can save money, the 15.5lb bag of dry Beneful is only $13.98, and you can also find coupons on the Walmart’s web site with many different variety options. Our beloved dogs can be expensive little things, so save where you can. You can also find Benefits Medley Variety 3oz. cans in a 27 pack for only $14.98.

If you have a senior dog or one that has grown just a bit too much around the middle, Beneful offers their Healthy Weight formulas. With choices like real Chicken and Salmon your Dog will not think you have put them on a diet. With a 15.5lb bag of the Salmon variety just $13.98, your plan to slim down or maintain their weight is a bargain. So hop over to Walmart and pick up something great for your furry friend and to know more click here


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