Architecture Goes Beyond Building And Designing Under The American Institute Of Architects

The immense growth of American Institute of Architects is very inspiring. It sprouts out after a meeting of thirteen very passionate architects in the year 1857. Their primary objective was to come up with an organization help architects to do excellent jobs in their architectural situations. From them, it has grown to be a great and reliable company that produces the best architects with unique building and designing skills all over the world.

The AIA is located in Washington, D.C and it is the leading association that produces certified architects. It functions as the chief promoters of architectures and the incomes for their members who are serving the members of society.

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Robert Ivy happens to be the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. In the year 2010, Robert Ivy was entitled the Master Architect because of his gifted hands and intelligence in the field of architecture. He was given this title by Alpha Rho Chi who is an expert in building and other related courses and careers. Wisdom gets manufactured in silence; this will be relevant to many when they meet and interact with Robert for he is a very soft and quiet man but incredibly wise. Being the CEO and the vice president of America Institute of Architects was not by mistake because this is where his passion lies and he encourages the future architects to be more creative and think outside the box far beyond their areas of specialization. He has a lot of confidence in the field of architecture because one thing that he believes is that construction can have a considerable effect in many areas. He is sure that design can help in giving ways on how to prevent disasters especially caused by buildings. It can also aid in finding ways out on how to solve and develop health sectors.

Roberts leadership in AIA has promoted the organization to a point it has made America to be known for producing the best Architects not only experts on the area of design but also in other fields related to architectural as a profession. Currently, U.S.A building and construction industry have grown to be known as accurate and economical, thanks to American Institute of Architects who have played a considerable part in creating this excellent reputation in America. Out of Ivy’s creative and very high intelligence in building, design, and construction, he believes that architecture can profoundly impact health. He has come up with some ways on how to solve some health problems such diabetes by designing houses whereby people can only use stairs in the building for creativity.

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