NewsWatch TV Reviews Are Still Climbing All Over The Country

NewsWatch TV has managed to do extremely well in marketing their brand over the years, focusing on entertainment, finances, and technology. Through their news channel, they cover all different areas of news, even featuring celebrities from time to time. NewsWatch TV even won the Marcom award in 2017 for both Platinum and Gold.

NewsWatch TV wasn’t always the glamor that it is today, because, at the beginning of the news program, they only focused on financial topics. More specifically, they focused on the financial issues in the economy and how to work around them. Today, NewsWatch TV still covers finances, but in a much different way along with a wide variety of other things. The show has been running for nearly three decades and they have found the sweet spot for their news delivery, giving just enough information and just enough entertainment to keep audiences coming back and growing each year. NewsWatch has made a habit of helping many different businesses out there as well through advertising their products on their show to a large number of potential customers.

Some companies that have been helped through the advertisement of NewsWatch TV have gone on to become major corporations, thanks to millions in sales for certain products, including a cell phone company that was not doing so well in the market. NewsWatch TV started up back in 1990 specifically focused on financial news pertaining to market problems that investors and business people were fighting in the market. NewsWatch found this wasn’t good for overall ratings, making their show a niche channel, so they broadened its scope and added in all kinds of different news to allow many different audience ranges to tune in. With celebrities joining in on a regular basis and a fair bit of humor delicately integrated into the news telling, NewsWatch TV is a delight for audiences all over the nation.

Fortress Investment Group makes a strategic move

Fortress investment group is a leading global firm that deals with managing investment. It mainly specializes in credit, liquid markets, private equity and traditional ways of managing assets. The firm has over 1,500 clients and institutional investors worldwide.

On December 27th 2017, what was thought to be a rumor came to many by surprise when a deal of Fortress investment group acquiring $3.3 billion from soft bank was officially made. This move by Softbank was so that it can benefit from the group’s financial management skills and also help it become a big investment firm which has been one of their goals for long. The deal is however unlikely to change how Fortress investment runs because part of it is that Softbank is to keep off in managing most of Fortress investment group’s assets.

How the two companies came to this decision remains a wonder considering their history. When Masayoshi Son founded Softbank in 1981 it was a PC software wholesale company. In the 90s the company started dealing with publishing computer magazines and computer trade shows. The company started growing very fast after getting control over Yahoo’s interest. It currently is a stake holder of over 400 Internet Companies. Fortress on the other hand was started by CEO Randy Nardone and co-chair Wes Edens in the year 1998. This investment management company, which has its headquarters in New York city, has over 20 years of experience has an approximate of 1,750 clients and private investors.

The $3.3 billion may seem like a lot to invest in but it actually is a worthy venture for soft bank. This is because Fortress has a number of assets in several companies and it also makes good profit with a reported $215 million in 2018. To many, it may seem like Softbank has the upper hand in this deal but it is not the case. This deal will allow Fortress Investment group to once again become private which has been their plan for long. This move will also allow fortress acquire partners around Asia enabling them to grow even more. At the end, the deal is a win win for both companies.

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Academy of Art University Designs for Us All

Many of us take for granted how easily we go about our lives, getting dressed in the morning without wondering how we are going to get that skirt or button down shirt on or where we can find clothing to fit our needs. We never stop to think what it would be like if the majority of our options were not made to fit our bodies.

For many, this is a reality dealt with on a daily basis, and yet seemingly rarely talked about. Enter the creatives at Academy of Art University. Early in 2018, a panel was formed with these questions: ‘Is good design always designing for the same few? Or is it designing for people in many different groups, including people with disabilities?’

As it turns out, this inequality is at the center of focus for a lot of people, and a lot of Academy of Art University students and alumni.

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929 and offers accredited degrees in 21 different areas of study. Started by Sunset Magazine’s creative director Richard S. Stephens, who thought students should be accepted without an art portfolio and the school be taught by professional artists.

The Academy of Art University boasts some industry-leading and award-winning graduates, including world-famous painters, photographers, fashion designers, film directors and makeup, hair styling, and special effects experts.

Guest panelists, all of which deal with a disability of some kind were invited to speak. ‘I think the public wants to see a lot more diversity in fashion’, said Lisa Werner, the mother of a gymnast and model with Down syndrome. Another panelist Beau Oyler: ‘When I start the design process, I dive deep into really understanding who’s going to use this product…and how we can design it in a way that’s going to be a delight for them to use.’

With the inclusive fashion design panel convened, individual clothing needs were brought to the forefront, like viewing people with disabilities as legitimate fashion customers, and what the components are of universal design.

With diversity and inclusivity as the goal, the Academy of Art University makes strides in designing clothes for every body, because everybody matters.

The pro-Israeli initiatives of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is probably the most influential American of Jewish origin currently. His efforts in preserving the identity of the Jewish community is like none other. He has passionately pursued the cause, and the results he has so far are impressive.

Milstein came to the United States in 1981 in search of better opportunities. He first came to pursue higher education at the University of North Carolina. After completing his MBA in 1983, he stayed on and started working in the real state sector. He got an opportunity to work with the Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate company which he now leads as a managing partner.

After success in the real estate business sector, he decided to more especially with giving back to the community. He was intrigued by something he saw when growing up in Israel. In Israel, there were no philanthropic organizations. All essential services were offered by the government, and there seemed like there was no need for philanthropic work.

In the United States, Milstein found out that there was a lot that philanthropic organizations could do to support the community. It is at this juncture that he created the Adam Milstein Family Foundation to support the causes he found to be valuable.

Adam Milstein was keen on making a statement when it came to matters of addressing the issues that affect the Jewish community. He was particularly concerned with the challenges that the Jews in the United States were going through. It is never easy for the Jews to identify with their real identity in foreign lands due to the stigma that has been created by agents of anti-Semitism.

He sought to change the scenario by supporting programs that would strengthen the community. He focused on educational programs that would teach the young Jews in the United States about their origin, language, and values as Jews. Such efforts are meant to make them grow up identifying themselves with the Jewish culture.

Adam Milstein believes that the future of the Jewish community and the State of Israel highly depends on how the current young generation will be brought up.

What’s Next For Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction, an Illinois-based general contractor, is looking to expand on its wide range of home-improvement services throughout 2018. This particular company was founded by Dave Farbaky back in 2008, and it has gone on to achieve great status. Aloha Construction provides high-quality remodel services for homes across the state of Illinois. In addition to that, the company has extended its services into Southern Wisconsin. So, what does AC have to offer? Well, the answer to this question is simple because it offers the services of stucco installation, roof repair, gutter repair, door installation, chimney repair, kitchen design, bathroom repair, waterproofing and many more.

For 2017, this general-contracting company won the exclusive Torch Award. This specific award goes to a company that demonstrates great ethics. In order to receive the award, a company must also stay committed to working with its community, to display responsibility and to practice extraordinary leadership. The Torch Award has been around since 1996, and it’s sponsored by the Better Business Bureau. Aloha Construction certainly wins this award by a landslide. It was just one of many other companies that were competing against each other throughout 2017.

For 2018, this family-owned business is looking to expand on its home-improvement services as well as improve on its home-improvement services. Farbaky has definitely set the company on the right path and back on March 15, 2018, the company completed its first multi-million dollar project in North Barrington, Illinois. This project was generally large in size as it was composed of remodel work for the home’s bathroom, the kitchen and the basement. By working hand-to-hand with the homeowner, this project was completed well-ahead of time. As you can see, Aloha Construction is rewriting the game via expansion and improvements, but who knows what it has planned in the years to come.


Neurocore, is one of many Health, Wellness and Fitness companies in the United States. Having over 780 followers this privately owned company actually launched in 2004 specializing in data driven assessments. For example they are not just any brain performance center, they provide the data they have and use it with other training programs to enhance the quality of life of most humans by simply enhancing their stress, sleep and most importantly their concentration. Since their opening they have expanded to about 9 other centers in the United States. The other centers are spread out throughout different areas of either the state of Michigan or Florida. In each of their offices there are only about 50 to 200 employees each, specializing in areas like the autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, attention testing, qEEG biofeedback training, heart rate variability training, and most importantly neurofeedback. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Other companies throughout the United States which also specialize in brain performance are going to be NeuroCoRe or Neuropeak Pro. NeuroCoRe being more of a research company and only having about 36 followers, was founded in 2010. As a United Kingdom based company one of their mayor goals is to not only design but also come up with a new count in the cognitive areas of any neurodegenerative diseases. As an educational research company they only have approximately 10 employees all specializing in test development, pshychometrics, clinical validation, and computerised assessments.


Neurospeak Pro on the other hand is also another Health, Wellness, and Fitness company here in the United States. Not only is also based mostly out of Michigan as well, as another privately held company one of its biggest specialties is to increase human performance. This company only location has about 50 employees all specializing in autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, heart rate variability training, EEG biofeedback training, hormone testing, vision testing and training, attention testing, IQ testing, and professional collegiate athletic consulting. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Sahm Adrangi Explains How to Profit From Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi Recently spoke at the Kase Learning Conference on Short Selling, on the topic of ad fraud.

At the Kase Learning Conference Sahm Adrangi Chief investment Officer for Kerrisdale Capital Management Spoke about the companies 9 years in business and stated that they have been publishing reports on shorts since 2010 during a time when short sellers eradicated an estimated 10 to 20 billion dollars that were being invested in fraudulent Chinese companies. He went on to state that the company is now focused primarily on U.S. companies in certain complex sectors.

He then explained that the company shares its research a wide variety of ways, such as the company’s website, on Twitter search for the handle Keer. Sahm Adrangi stated that the company would also make appearances on CNBC and Bloomberg. The company will also post information on Seeking Alpha.

At that point, Sahm Adrangi got into the heart of his presentation. He explained that his company believes that there are tech companies that are benefiting from advertisement fraud on their platforms. He then explained their advertisement fraud is defined as falsely representing online advertisement impressions or clicks to generate revenue. He then provided several examples of how Eastern European hackers were able to generate revenue through advertising fraud.

One method he of fraud explained is the use of Bots and Bot Networks. Bots are programs designed to perform a task repetitively and a Bot Network is simply a group of Bots networked together. These Bots are used to fraudulently inflate the click rate on pay per click advertising. Another message of advertisement fraud is known as ad stuffing, This occurs when a person clicks to watch a video on a website and unbeknownst to the individual one or more advertising video will be playing behind the selected video and will not be viewed by the individual. The Advertiser will be charged as if the advertisements were viewed.

After explaining the various types of advertisement fraud being used Sahm Adrangi went on to explain how this information could be used by his company and other short sellers. He explained that eventually companies the amount of their advertising budget being spent on online ads this will cause a reduction in revenue for online media companies. Armed with this information short sellers should be able to profit.

Dr. Mark McKenna Views In-Demand Technology as a Boon to the Medical Field

Dr. Mark McKenna has always considered himself to be an innovative individual. This particular aspect of his personality led him to develop the type of technology people want for their healthcare services. As a medical school graduate and a successful business entrepreneur, Dr. McKenna has seen first hand the influence technology has had in all areas of people’s lives. As a medical professional, he also saw how technology could be used to improve the quality of care people received, which eventually led him to launch a new business called OVME, which stands for the phrase “of me”.

Rather than view technology in the medical field as something that would detract from patient care, Dr. Mark McKenna sees it as a boon that would compliment the strategies used for various types of treatments. He is especially excited to see an increase in on-demand mobile apps for patients. These applications help patients and medical personnel connect in a way that makes it more convenient for both parties. This would also be extremely beneficial for individuals who reside in remote areas who need to be in contact with medical specialists.

As a licensed medical surgeon with an MBA, Dr. Mark McKenna launched OVME in the hopes of providing better connections for patients and doctors. With more than ten years experience in medical aesthetics, Dr. McKenna developed this service-oriented company to provide people with options that would allow them to be the best person they could be. He achieves this objective by implementing mobile technology into his company to provide consumers with an easy access platform that allows them to connect with high quality medical professionals all across the country.

The on-demand technology Dr. Mark McKenna has implemented in his own company is a significant step forward in the doctor-patient relationship. Just over half a century ago, doctors were still making house calls to provide the services their patients needed. The new mobile technology allows doctors to provide the same personalized type of service, with improved patient care. Many physicians are now utilizing this technology to provide video consultations, which are not only more convenient, but also more cost effective.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos may be a controversial figure, but even her opponents acknowledge that she is not someone to be taken lightly. Although she may come off as quiet and unassuming at times, she is actually a fighter, carefully and powerfully backing up her favorite causes. As the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump, she has been given even more power, and she is ensuring that she carefully backs up causes that are dear to her conservative support base. These include the parents’ right to choose education for their children as well as the welfare of private and charter schools.


These are causes that Betsy Devos and her husband Dick have supported for years. They have long been major philanthropical givers to a number of charities and non-profit agencies. However, the curtain over where their charitable contributions have gone has recently been lifted, and it is no surprise to find that much of their donations have gone to help private and charter schools, including those in their beloved state of Michigan.


Betsy Devos has the benefit of a wealthy family to help her reach her goals for schools. Through the Devos side, she is a billionaire, but she does not always act like one. Instead, she is known for being a determined, goal-oriented woman.


At odds with her great determination to effect change throughout the education system is her lack of any real experience in education or politics. Her detractors like to bring up the fact that she has never served in any major political spot before being named as Education Secretary. Her focus in the years prior to this was to try to funnel as much money as possible away from public schools and over to charter and private schools.


In fact, since taking over the Education Department, she has made it clear that she is against traditional public education although she has admitted that a majority of students across the United States do attend public schools. Those who root for her agree with the fact that most public schools cannot compete with the great academics and great student results seen within private schools.


While Betsy Devos’s beginnings in Washington D.C. may not have been the smoothest, she refuses to give up. Despite becoming the brunt of numerous jokes on late-night television and elsewhere, she is determined to fight hard and use her current political powers for the best.


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Malcolm CasSelle Contributions to the Great Digital World

WorldWide Asset Exchange(WAX) is today’s the newest P2P company that has been selling and buying virtue assets online. The company has been hailed for its significant contributions in the virtue assets industry and has for sure been dedicated to the passion and also great achievements.

It has allowed both buyers and sellers to get a reliable platform to trade their products with ease. It has professional information technology experts who are always dedicated to delivering the best. The company has been on the frontline promoting success and have always been ready to help in the fight against fragmentation and also fraud. These are the two main threats in the virtue assets markets. The process has been able to allow users to sell these items without having to click out of the game.

A company like WAX requires a very dedicated person who always works towards career progress. Malcolm CasSelle is the man behind the successful venture. He is the founder and also the company’s president and have always committed his life towards nothing else but success in his career. He has been on the frontline fostering great motivation and has always been led by passion. He is known to be a very confident man who is usually driven by passion and has focused his attention on making progress in his career.

Malcolm CasSelle is also the president of Opskins which is an online gaming company that has been committed to making progress in life. He has been very passionate in his endeavours towards helping other people achieve. He is on the frontline pursuing nothing but great excellence. In fact, his life has been dominated by passion and also the desire to help others. Some people have come to love him because of his giving heart and also his passion towards career excellence. In his career journey, he has helped various digital companies during their startups.

Today, through the inputs of Malcolm CasSelle, these ventures are doing very well and have been able to succeed very very regarding career progress and also growth. The great technology guru from the famous MIT has a masters in computer science, and this has equipped him with excellent skills.