“Biotech Firm Renovia Inc. Recently Raised $42 million In Their Series A Funding “

After securing a total of $42 million in series A funding Marc Beer of Renovia Inc. pledged to invent new diagnostic and therapeutic devices for the treatment and detection of pelvic floor disorder in women. Renovia Inc. was founded in 2010 by Marc Beer who also happens to be the current Chief Operating Officer of the same. Their long-term investor Longwood Fund also contributed to the recent fundraiser and has been a frequent benefactor of Renovia Inc. due to their belief in what the company stands for. Marc also mentioned that the funding would be utilized in R&D for better results.


Renovia Inc. launched their first-ever FDA approved product called Leva that helps women suffering from urinal incontinence. They have major plans to release a series of devices that will focus on pelvic disorders. Marc Beer has a vast experience in the biotech industry. For twenty years he has worked for pharmaceutical, biotech, and research companies and used his learning to create innovative strategies and reach milestones through hard work and persistence. He is very fluent in research work and is known for the accurate collection of data.


Apart from Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is a part of different ventures, all related to the field of biotechnology. His company ViaCell used cutting-edge technology to preserve umbilical cords for longer durations and extract stem cells from it for research purposes. The advanced research activities attracted major fundings from various investors. The company was growing at a fast rate and ultimately got acquired in 2007 by the biotech firm called PerkinElmer.


While he was working at ViaCell, he was also a Director at Erytech Pharma, a renowned biotech firm. Prior to that, he became the Executive Vice President of Genzyme and was the Global Marketing Head for most of the time in the firm. His involvement in the launch of three breakthrough products was crucial. The products were designed to fight uncommon diseases that had no simple cure. His time management is impeccable which allowed him to be in three places at once.


In the initial days of his career, Marc Beer was hired by Abbott Labs as an analyst in the Sales & Marketing team. Later on, his interests broadened towards the field of medicine and soon shifted to the pharmaceutical department of the same firm. He mentions that he feels privileged and honored to be a member of the Mass Life Science Board. He admits his days at the Biotech Industry Organization were the most enriching and productive. Marc has a strong sense of social accountability and gives back to society every once in a while. To date, he had made huge donations to charities who support children belonging from low-income families. Learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/boston/potmsearch/detail/submission/6457372/Marc_Beer


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