Brian Bonar brings in Big Time France

In an article by Troy Johnson over at San Diego Magazine, Escondido’s bistro Bellamy’s takes center stage. And every drop of it is nothing but praise for the food.

Escondido still maintains it’s age-old homeliness, like any small town in the US that hasn’t quite gotten hit by the sweep of modernization. What it did get hit by was good food and a French Master Chef.

After earning his doctorate at Staffordshire University, Brian Bonar found that wherever he turned his attention, he excelled. This eventually placed him as Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation and CEO of Trucept Inc, but then Bonar turned his attention to the world of fine dining and good food.

And he decided to do it in beautiful Escondido. Bonar picked up the unfortunate restaurant Tango and rechristened it Bellamy’s, and then he went hunting for some of the best staff he could find. He found some of them at El Bizcocho, one of his own favorite restaurants which had recently decided to let go of it’s dedicated employees.

Bonar also picked up Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

But Ponsaty’s stay at Bellamy’s is a temporary affair. A ranch in nearby Bandy Canyon, over one hundred and forty acres that Bonar has mind to transform, is to be be Ponsaty’s home. Eventually a signature restaurant will sit there, complete with a kitchen that Ponsaty himself designed. For the time being, he establishes himself in Bellamy’s with El Bizcocho’s former Mike Reidy, and together they bring fine dining to Escondido.

With Brian Bonar putting it all together and bringing people like Ponsaty and Reidy into his circle, it goes without saying that Bellamy’s is already well on it’s way to being famous, though it would never make it there without the customers.

Bonar hasn’t forgotten them; while the French may be the best cooks in the world, he knows that some people have different tastes or want to try new things.

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  1. And it is for that reason that he is working on expanding the menu with cuisine from other cultures. Bonar took these unfortunate but talented people and brought them to Bellamy’s, effectively installing El Bizcocho’s heart a new body. There is a thing or two about that is really not clear to me.

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