Whitney Wolfe Opens The Door To New Dating Experience

The stigma that was once associated with online dating is no longer in place. People have become very accustomed to dating online because this process is just much simpler.

There are millennials, however, that have become disgruntled with the concept of online dating because it has been so one-sided. Whitney Wolfe is someone that is adamant about changing this. She is bringing forth the concept of putting women in charge with the Bumble app.

This is not all that Whitney Wolfe is doing with Bumble. She is also making this an app where people can find friends and build network circles as well. What she is trying to do is actually put this into the social media realm as an all in one app for dating, networking and building friendships. This is a huge challenge, but it shows that Whitney Wolfe is thinking ahead. She knows that this is something that people have been interested in because there are so many social media apps out there right now. Many people get tired of trying to stay abreast of what is happening between one app to the next. Bumble maybe the answer to resolve all of this frustration from the plethora of apps that are now available.

People that are utilizing this app will discover that it gives them a wide range of choices when it comes to dating. The one thing that women seem to love about this app. It takes away all of the problems that can occur when there is no filter. With Bumble women can swipe to the left for profiles of men if they’re not interested. When they do this these men have no possibility of contacting them again. Women can swipe to the right and engage in communicating with men that they are interested in.

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