Education Secretary Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos may be a controversial figure, but even her opponents acknowledge that she is not someone to be taken lightly. Although she may come off as quiet and unassuming at times, she is actually a fighter, carefully and powerfully backing up her favorite causes. As the Secretary of Education under Donald Trump, she has been given even more power, and she is ensuring that she carefully backs up causes that are dear to her conservative support base. These include the parents’ right to choose education for their children as well as the welfare of private and charter schools.


These are causes that Betsy Devos and her husband Dick have supported for years. They have long been major philanthropical givers to a number of charities and non-profit agencies. However, the curtain over where their charitable contributions have gone has recently been lifted, and it is no surprise to find that much of their donations have gone to help private and charter schools, including those in their beloved state of Michigan.


Betsy Devos has the benefit of a wealthy family to help her reach her goals for schools. Through the Devos side, she is a billionaire, but she does not always act like one. Instead, she is known for being a determined, goal-oriented woman.


At odds with her great determination to effect change throughout the education system is her lack of any real experience in education or politics. Her detractors like to bring up the fact that she has never served in any major political spot before being named as Education Secretary. Her focus in the years prior to this was to try to funnel as much money as possible away from public schools and over to charter and private schools.


In fact, since taking over the Education Department, she has made it clear that she is against traditional public education although she has admitted that a majority of students across the United States do attend public schools. Those who root for her agree with the fact that most public schools cannot compete with the great academics and great student results seen within private schools.


While Betsy Devos’s beginnings in Washington D.C. may not have been the smoothest, she refuses to give up. Despite becoming the brunt of numerous jokes on late-night television and elsewhere, she is determined to fight hard and use her current political powers for the best.


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