Academy of Art University Designs for Us All

Many of us take for granted how easily we go about our lives, getting dressed in the morning without wondering how we are going to get that skirt or button down shirt on or where we can find clothing to fit our needs. We never stop to think what it would be like if the majority of our options were not made to fit our bodies.

For many, this is a reality dealt with on a daily basis, and yet seemingly rarely talked about. Enter the creatives at Academy of Art University. Early in 2018, a panel was formed with these questions: ‘Is good design always designing for the same few? Or is it designing for people in many different groups, including people with disabilities?’

As it turns out, this inequality is at the center of focus for a lot of people, and a lot of Academy of Art University students and alumni.

The Academy of Art University has been around since 1929 and offers accredited degrees in 21 different areas of study. Started by Sunset Magazine’s creative director Richard S. Stephens, who thought students should be accepted without an art portfolio and the school be taught by professional artists.

The Academy of Art University boasts some industry-leading and award-winning graduates, including world-famous painters, photographers, fashion designers, film directors and makeup, hair styling, and special effects experts.

Guest panelists, all of which deal with a disability of some kind were invited to speak. ‘I think the public wants to see a lot more diversity in fashion’, said Lisa Werner, the mother of a gymnast and model with Down syndrome. Another panelist Beau Oyler: ‘When I start the design process, I dive deep into really understanding who’s going to use this product…and how we can design it in a way that’s going to be a delight for them to use.’

With the inclusive fashion design panel convened, individual clothing needs were brought to the forefront, like viewing people with disabilities as legitimate fashion customers, and what the components are of universal design.

With diversity and inclusivity as the goal, the Academy of Art University makes strides in designing clothes for every body, because everybody matters.

EOS Lip Balms As Nature Intended

It seems these days especially when it comes to cosmetic and toiletries products, that there are a million different remedies for every problem. Shampoo Aisle? 100 different bottles. Makeup remover? 97 types to try. So when it comes to lip balm, should we be at all surprised that there are so many different brands and formulations available on the market? No. We shouldn’t be surprised. We can however find a happy surprise in a brand that breaks the mold. Evolution of Smooth is the best balm to reach for and we can count on one hand all the reasons why.

EOS products are made of all natural and organic ingredients. This growing trend in health and beauty care is centered on being a healthy whole. If we are eating organic, why shouldn’t our lip care product also be? It is going on our mouths and being absorbed by the skin. Evolution of Smooth contains only products derived from nature.

The other reason why EOS products are so delightful is their mode of application. Instead of getting the fingers greasy in a pot of smearing lip balm, or dealing with a tube of chap remedy that easily gets lost in the pocket or purse, EOS products are contained in a spherical bright pod. They are easy to find in the purse, easy to untwist, and the spherical shape of the balm itself mimics the shape of the mouth for easy and mess free application.

All of the flavors are true to their name, Strawberry tasting and smelling like a strawberry, coconut like coconut milk, and mint like a spearmint leaf as nature intended.EOS balms are available on Target supermarkets and can be purchased online on Ulta.

For more info check out the EOS product gallery on Facebook.

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Fabletics is Better Looking Than Ever

Athleisure is a growing trend that combines the comfort and versatility of exercise clothing with the fashion forward thinking of everyday styles. People everywhere have found that athleisure suits their needs better than other clothing ever could. Where jeans and dress pants can be confining and sometimes unflattering, athleisure offers a more comfortable alternative. Seeing as most people today have an endless “to do” list, this trend seems to be exactly what they were waiting for.
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Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

Though incredibly comfortable, most people would not want to wear yoga pants out to get drinks with friends. Fabletics, a subscription based active wear company, has recently launched their own line of athleisure, and it has never looked better. With all the options that people have come to expect like leggings and tank tops, this new line also offers dresses and rompers that can fit perfectly into everyday life. All the clothing is made from high quality material that will make this little back dress more of a favorite than any that came before it.

Fabletics was established in 2013 with good looking active wear as its main priority. Co-founder Kate Hudson has become the face of the company making gym clothes look better than ever before. The regular line of workout clothes combines with the new line of athleisure has made Fabletics the go to site for anyone who likes to stay active. With sites like Popsugar giving suggestions on how to best wear the trend, this style seems to be sticking around.

Fabletics is boosting the trend by offering more options to give people exactly what they need to get through their busy day. With Kate Hudson’s clear eye for fashion, this company has exactly what they need to keep up with the trend. Athleisure is definitely one style that has made many people much happier.

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Doe Deere Followed Her Passion to Success

Doe Deere is a woman who followed her passion all the way to a building an incredibly successful makeup company, Lime Crime. Guest of a Guest recently featured Deere in an interview where she explains how she was able to make her dreams come true and turn it into a flourishing business. It is instantly clear from the pictures in the article that Deere has a passion for creative and cutting edge fashion. Along with that, she incorporates makeup as an extension of her outfits. Creating and expressing her true self have been lifetime passions for Doe Deere, and she loves sharing that with others.

Deere developed her background in fashion design at FIT in New York City. She began designing, creating and selling her own fashion designs on ebay and developed quite the customer base in a relatively short time. Deere was inspired to branch out from fashion design into cosmetics manufacturing when she was searching for the perfect shades to match her own outfits. She came up with a loss because the mainstream makeup industry was primarily focused on neutral shades and pallets, which Deere thought did not adequately express her true creativity and authentic self. Deere wanted to see if she could create her own version of bold, exciting makeup. At first, Deere planned to just wear the makeup for herself, but it quickly became a widespread hit. Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008 to give her followers the same fun, inspired options that Deere came to love herself in creating and choosing her own makeup. The cosmetics line was an instant hit and continues to be an incredibly profitable company today.

As a successful woman in business, Deere says that the most important lesson to take away from her success is that following your dreams and passions first and profits second is the real recipe for sustainable success. Because Deere is so passionate about the cosmetics products she creates, she is constantly inspired to think of new and fun products to share with her customers. Her excitement about the Lime Crime makeup line is contagious, and her customers love to follow her new designs and keep up with Deere in social media and beyond. Deere is always accessible to her followers and loves to hear feedback about her line.

Workout Wear for the Fashionista

Love working out but hate the sweat stains and baggy shorts? You love fashion and looking good when you leave the house, but most clothes that athletic companies sell are either fashionable or functional. Fabletics is changing all that.

With a company that personalizes the work out gear just for you, what you wear to get toned no longer has to be an old grey t-shirt. Fabletics will add color and style to any type of exercise, from boxing to running to yoga, they have a piece of clothing to get you moving.

Similarly to getting the most out of your workout, you want the most out of your clothes. Fabletics on provides more than could be expected with trendy clothes and prices that will make you want to run another mile.

Like to keep your life interesting by having variety and spunk? Kate Hudson has her favorite’s that can be in your closet too. Kate knows that you should never have to settle between fashion and function, and hopes that her fun and exciting picks will inspire you too.

Each costumer takes a quick survey so that Fabletics can accurately recommend work out gear tailored specifically for their needs. They have sections for type of exercise, where you work out, and color combinations that make you feel excited to burn those calories. Once you are registered, your personalized work out closet is on it’s way to you.

With constant promotions and discounts, new and adorable clothes that keep you looking good while you are working hard, Fabletics takes care of its costumers to make sure each one has an experience to remember. The options and ways that you will continue to come to this brand for your athleisure wear is endless, and they make sure that you get exactly what you want, each and every purchase you make. So stop dreading putting on the same boring t-shirt and get inspired!