Lori Senecal and her fine work

Lori Senecal has put on the role of being the global CEO of the mdc partners. This has started in March of 2015. She has also been the president and the CEO of the MDCC partner’s network. She put a lot of hard work and devotion into obtaining the role and a lot of people look up to her for what and how she does her work. She is very passionate about what she does and wants to spread her passion to all those who work with and alongside her. She never gives up and wants to help people get along in life.

She has a great sense of managing and a lot people respect that and her view of managing. According to Ad Week, she has been used for her managing skills and will no doubt not be forgotten because of it. She is also an extremely organized person and will stop at nothing to make sure her team is secure and doing well. Being organized has helped her move up in life and has taught her that having great organizational skills will pay off in the end most definitely. The company hasn’t even lost one client because of her skills. Salary.com explains this makes her a valuable asset to the team and they wish they could keep her as long as possible.

She brings a lot of skill sets to the table and does all that she can to make things very organized and flexible. She has done a lot to boost of the company’s presence in the world. This is very good because the company has seen a lot more views because of the way she organizes things and manages the work place. The structure of the way she handles things also improved the company by tenfold. Although she plans to leave she is very sure about the future of her and the company. The company will be losing a great asset but they know she will continue on to do wonders for the world. They will never forget how the company’s good name has gotten boosted by her willingness to enact great organization skills.  View her full profile on crunchbase.com.

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Best Tips on Advertising Techniques

Lori Senecal, an advertising industry leader, gives the strongest digital advertising trends for the second half of the year 2017. Lori Senecal postulates that the advertising industry’s primary focus will be on the creation of unique images and videos. According to Lori, the advertising landscape is crowded. For successful advertisement, videos and images that stand out are highly recommended. Lori states that consumers are interested on new inventions meaning that anything that is unremarkable will be ignored. Lori Senecal thus provides the following tips for digital marketers concerning ads.

For an ad to be successful, it should provoke the consumer’s emotional response. Once the consumer’s apathy has been triggered by the ad, the customer is prompted to share it. This way, the ad is guaranteed to go viral. Additionally, the trend of using real people in ads helps in the improvement of consumer’s emotional impact. A viewer who has a connection with the people in the ads is likely to view it and later share it.

Most ads on trend should focus on using colors that are strong. An eye catching ad should stand out in visual effects. Using bright colors compel viewers to look at the ads. Also, the colors used in the ads should be unusual and bold to trigger many viewers. The conspicuous colors create a pleasant environment for the viewer characterized with exciting moments of viewing them.

According to statistics, mobile usage is more preferred than the the use of desktops. For this reason, the trend of optimizing ads for mobile use is recent trend. Various advertising industries should optimize ads on mobile gadgets first before optimizing them for desktops. The effectiveness of the ads should be similar on phones, tablets, and laptops. The ads should also be available in both online and offline circumstances.

Besides being a famous individual in the digital and creative marketing industry, Lori Senecal is a leader. Currently, Lori is the chief executive officer of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Senecal’s responsibility in the company is to lead it to global expansion. Lori began with coordinating the company’s operations and management in nine offices internationally. Lori has attained global experience by working with other leading organizations. Follow her on Twitter

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