Barbara Stokes Liked Learning About Disaster Relief and Helping Others

When Barbara Stokes started working with Green Structure Homes, she felt good about what she was doing and how she could help other people get the options they needed. She also felt there were positive experiences she could use that would allow her to keep growing the business. Since she’s the CEO, it’s her job to keep giving people positive experiences and positive options they can use to make everything better. Between the work she does and the things she puts into place for the industry, she always knew what it would take to give other people the right opportunities. She also knew there were things that would make a difference for her so she kept trying to help the company see what she could do with it. She focused on helping people who had been in disaster situations and that’s what made things easier for her to deal with. It also made it easier for her to try helping other people with the issues they faced. Read this article at

Between the work that Barbara Stokes did and the things she wanted to keep helping people with, Barbara Stokes knew she had to show others they could experience more positive situations no matter what. She had a lot of faith in the work she did and she hoped she would be able to continue giving other people the options they needed for the future. It was her goal of helping that enabled her to show others they had a chance to do things the right way.


As long as Barbara Stokes knew what to do and wasn’t afraid to go above and beyond, Green Structure Homes would continue getting better. It was the point she made that allowed her to keep showing other people there were things she could do that would keep getting better. Between her hard work and the opportunities she looked at, Barbara Stokes was better than any other CEO who had worked for the company in the past. This gave her motivation to keep pushing forward and trying things that would actually help the company instead of making things harder on it. Read more about Barbara Stokes at