Neurocore, is one of many Health, Wellness and Fitness companies in the United States. Having over 780 followers this privately owned company actually launched in 2004 specializing in data driven assessments. For example they are not just any brain performance center, they provide the data they have and use it with other training programs to enhance the quality of life of most humans by simply enhancing their stress, sleep and most importantly their concentration. Since their opening they have expanded to about 9 other centers in the United States. The other centers are spread out throughout different areas of either the state of Michigan or Florida. In each of their offices there are only about 50 to 200 employees each, specializing in areas like the autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, attention testing, qEEG biofeedback training, heart rate variability training, and most importantly neurofeedback. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Other companies throughout the United States which also specialize in brain performance are going to be NeuroCoRe or Neuropeak Pro. NeuroCoRe being more of a research company and only having about 36 followers, was founded in 2010. As a United Kingdom based company one of their mayor goals is to not only design but also come up with a new count in the cognitive areas of any neurodegenerative diseases. As an educational research company they only have approximately 10 employees all specializing in test development, pshychometrics, clinical validation, and computerised assessments.


Neurospeak Pro on the other hand is also another Health, Wellness, and Fitness company here in the United States. Not only is also based mostly out of Michigan as well, as another privately held company one of its biggest specialties is to increase human performance. This company only location has about 50 employees all specializing in autonomic nervous system diagnostics and regulation, heart rate variability training, EEG biofeedback training, hormone testing, vision testing and training, attention testing, IQ testing, and professional collegiate athletic consulting. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.