The Struggle For Human Rights: An Activists Reality

The journey from everyday person to human rights activist is usually a hard road. Most of the impetus to move the cause forward has to do with the experiences that one had to endure their self. From the salt marches in India to the march to Selma in the US, the movement to stop the progress towards betterment for all people is difficult at best. Some people throughout the ages, like Ghandi and Dr. King referenced here, are responsible for arousing the giant love that humans have for one another. Sometimes it just takes the right person to get the message across to the masses.

This is seen online nowadays as well of course, with websites like New York Times. This is a site aimed at stopping the human trafficking epidemic that is facing many areas of the world. It is also one of the many atrocities happening in North Korea today.

This is a fact that a young woman named Yeonmi Park knows all to well. A defector from North Korea, Park has made it her life mission to get the message out about the horrible conditions people suffer through in her country. She has experienced more in her tender youth than most of us ever will in our lifetime. She has become a sensation on YouTube. Yeonmi Park has a new book on Amazon about her tribulations with her family called ‘In Order To Live.’ The book goes into great detail about the horrendous conditions in North Korea that are commonplace to her. There are still many who suffer through these conditions daily.

This is the very thing that young Park hopes to be the voice against. The oppressive and brutal dictatorship that is her native land.