The Real Estate Business of Omar Boraie

This is a business that aims at building, managing and developing real estates.

For this business to grow there must be a protocol and business rules that should be followed to attain the goal. Each position has specified skills and knowledge based on it. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


The following are positions and their functions in real estate business:



This is the body that gives direction on how the business will be run and regulated. It’s the heart of the business and all other functions reports to it.



This is the position that runs and executes every activity of the business, attends to clients and handles their needs, acts as personal assistant to the manager, prepares documents and meetings of the business.



They are the key financial security of the business. Treasury pays the company employees, tax, bills and general company’s expenses. The treasurer receives orders and is answerable to the management.



According to NY Times, these are the teams that communicate on behalf of the business. They bring together employees, clients and company resources. They mostly deal with issues concerning the core aspects of the business.



This is the team that markets the company to the outside world. This makes the company to be known widely and sell itself. Marketing is done in consideration to what the company has achieved so far and the targets.


Financers and creditors

The people that fund the business either by giving cash in the form of shares or gives loans to the business are very important in growing the business.



The people within and outside the board of the business or those that help in controlling and developing the business are the key for every functioning business must have a number of them.


All these positions are found within the business and all depend on one another and work as a team for business growth.




Aloha Construction Is Creating More Job Opportunities In The United States

The construction industry has established itself as one of the main economic drivers in the United States. In July, the sector contributed over 6,000 additional jobs to the economy. Most of these job opportunities were created by leading construction companies such as Aloha Construction. The company’s growth mirrors the improvement witnessed in the industry and in the United State’s economy.

Aloha Construction Company offers roofing services to the construction industry. The Lake Zurich-based company has maintained its leadership position in the roofing sub-sector, with some of the United States’ best roofs having being designed and installed by the company. The corporation has also specialized in siding and gutter works services. Owing to the quality of their services, the company has been able to woo many developers across the country. To date, Aloha Construction has completed over 17,000 roofing contracts.

Dave Farbaky serves as the company’s president. He is charged with the duty of expanding the company’s operations to other regions. Dave is working towards the realization of this goal by hiring highly trained and experienced technicians who identify with the company’s vision and mission statements. These experts should also have the ability to maintain professionalism at all times. Notably, Aloha Construction knows the importance of prioritizing their clients’ needs and interests.

Unlike other companies, Aloha Construction cares about their clients’ pets. The company understands that it can be difficult for homeowners to control their pets during renovations. To this end, they have stepped in to help homeowners by ensuring that every employee of the company is specially trained to keep dogs and other pets safe during renovations and remodeling.

The employees of Aloha Construction ensure that the dogs of their clients are always visible. In addition, they encourage the owners to maintain the dogs’ routine to ensure that the renovation least affects them. These routines help the dogs to stay focused and not wander into hazardous objects at the work area.

Tammy Mazzocco on Meditation and a Positive Philosophy

What does meditation have to do with real estate? Tammy Mazzocco, a leading real estate agent in Ohio, says that meditation helps her be productive and positive. In a recent interview with “” she described her morning routine: “I love to start my day with a little meditation and a little bit of movement that gets my day started with energy”. After meditation, she heads off to work feeling energized.

According to Blog Web Pedia, Tammy Mazzocco says that this practice has helped her over the past 18 years since she started working as a real estate agent full time. Her career took off early on, and there were inevitable ups and downs along the way. Meditation gave her perspective when things seem to go wrong.

What is the best way to deal with a negative situation? Tammy Mazzocco recommends hard work and a positive attitude. Never give up. She says that she had amazing mentors throughout her career, and was able to learn a lot before she even started as a licences real estate agent.

Thanks to this strong foundation, she was able to earn an income quickly. She said that she did have to work hard when she started out, but soon after her sales increased and things really took off. It has never been about the money. As is often the case when people do the thing they love, Tammy followed her passion and the money came as a natural outcome.

What can we learn from Tammy Mazzocco? Meditate every day. Keep a positive life philosophy. Absorb knowledge from people close by.There is always something new to learn. What is Tammy working on now? Not sweating the small stuff. She says, “I still catch myself worrying about things I have no control over, that’s something I still need to correct”. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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