Hopes Dwindle to Incorporate Olympic Valley

A drought of epic proportions has made life hard on Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities. Aside from the drought, there is also a political challenge facing the community. An incorporation battle over the Olympic Valley, which is home to Squaw Valley Resort, has made some significant trials.

There is good news though. There could be relief on both fronts, which is great for president and CEO, Andy Wirth. Good old Mother Nature has provided help in the form of storms early in the season that allowed Squaw Valley to open weeks earlier than they had in the entire decade previous.

In addition to Mother Nature’s help, the backers of the incorporation effort have recently withdrawn from their efforts for the Olympic Valley incorporation. Wirth’s company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing this incorporation because it would have resulted in higher taxes on residents and businesses. It would have also decreased levels of services that the area people depend on. It would have isolated Olympic Valley from other communities which work together to deal with common issues.

Those who backed the incorporation say that Wirth and his company had more selfish motives to oppose the incorporation, like the desire to not answer to a town council, instead preferring to go through the Placer County Board of Supervisors for land issues. They claim that Wirth did not want locals making land decisions. Without the incorporation, they claim that Wirth and his company can influence Placer County supervisors.

Now that California’s Local Agency Formation Commission determined the town wouldn’t be financially viable, Wirth says he wants the community to work on transportation and other issues as a community, going beyond Olympic Valley. For more on the matter, read this article.