Michel Terpins is a Living Rally Car Legend

Michel Terpins is one of the drivers at the forefront of rally car racing in Brazil. there are few racers in the entire nation that are as accomplished as he is considering he usually takes home first place whenever he races. Michel began racing for a living more than 10 years ago in his native Sau Paolo.Having a career in sports is somewaht expected in Michel’s family as it is one made up of sports lovers. His own father played professional basketball in the country in his younger years. Not to mention, Michel’s brother Rodrigo Terpins also races professionally. The two see their rivalry as friendly competition. You can visit 12social.com



The two are very close and have even put together a rally team. It is a sort of passion project for them both. The duo are always prepared and ready to partake in any race they feel will allow them to showcase their driving prowess. at one such event Michel found himself heavily favored to win after the first 62 kilometers when he had to pull out due to trouble with the vehicle. These troubles caused him to place last as he was not able complete the race.


The rally championships have been very favorable for Rodrigo Terpins as he has really good showings throughout his racing career. Both Michel and Rodrigo had very high place finishes at the Rally Rota SC. When you take the time to really look at his many accolades it is hard to argue against him being Brazil’s top rally car driver. He is already at the top of the rally champion prototypes T1 division. For more details visit Terra.


Michel Terpins consistently shows why he is so well respected in his field. He is someone members of the next generation really look up to and aspire to be like. When it is all said and done he will no doubt be considered a rally car legend.


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