Deirdre Baggot Works To Change Healthcare

Deirdre Baggot is an experienced medical clinician and hospital executive who has been championing for the mainstreaming of bundled payments. She is a pioneer in the field and has helped with the development of many different innovations when it comes to payment reform in health care. She has carried out these services for 2 different advisory firms and continues to support the cause.

Before becoming an advisor, she worked in academic healthcare for a decade. Deirdre Baggot has worked for both Northwestern Memorial Hospital as well as the University of Michigan Healthcare System. It was while working for the University of Michigan Health System that she made the decision to get into the world of consulting with her Chief Executive Officer. She made the move to The Camden Group in 2010 in order to help create a consulting practice that was focused on healthcare reimbursements. She served as one of CMS’ expert reviewers in 2012 for their bundled payments program. Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

Early on, Deirdre Baggot wasn’t sure that she would do well when it came to consulting because she didn’t have any experience in the field. Fortunately, the CEO that she had made the move with believed in her abilities and referred many clients to her. It only took about 3 months for her to start turning a profit in her business. She accredits a lot of her success to having a great team backing her and a lot of knowledge on the subject.

She believes that experience and knowledge is the best way to attract and keep clients. It’s not enough to just know a lot of theory about a subject, you have to have practiced it in real life in order to know how things actually work. The mentors that she has had over the years have also helped inspire her and teach her what she needs to know.

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