Doe Deere Followed Her Passion to Success

Doe Deere is a woman who followed her passion all the way to a building an incredibly successful makeup company, Lime Crime. Guest of a Guest recently featured Deere in an interview where she explains how she was able to make her dreams come true and turn it into a flourishing business. It is instantly clear from the pictures in the article that Deere has a passion for creative and cutting edge fashion. Along with that, she incorporates makeup as an extension of her outfits. Creating and expressing her true self have been lifetime passions for Doe Deere, and she loves sharing that with others.

Deere developed her background in fashion design at FIT in New York City. She began designing, creating and selling her own fashion designs on ebay and developed quite the customer base in a relatively short time. Deere was inspired to branch out from fashion design into cosmetics manufacturing when she was searching for the perfect shades to match her own outfits. She came up with a loss because the mainstream makeup industry was primarily focused on neutral shades and pallets, which Deere thought did not adequately express her true creativity and authentic self. Deere wanted to see if she could create her own version of bold, exciting makeup. At first, Deere planned to just wear the makeup for herself, but it quickly became a widespread hit. Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008 to give her followers the same fun, inspired options that Deere came to love herself in creating and choosing her own makeup. The cosmetics line was an instant hit and continues to be an incredibly profitable company today.

As a successful woman in business, Deere says that the most important lesson to take away from her success is that following your dreams and passions first and profits second is the real recipe for sustainable success. Because Deere is so passionate about the cosmetics products she creates, she is constantly inspired to think of new and fun products to share with her customers. Her excitement about the Lime Crime makeup line is contagious, and her customers love to follow her new designs and keep up with Deere in social media and beyond. Deere is always accessible to her followers and loves to hear feedback about her line.

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