Female Entrepreneur Doe Deere Advises Women to Follow Their Inner Passion

As one of today’s leading female entrepreneurs, Doe Deere is often asked to provide advice to women looking to achieve success in the business world. Doe Deere established her name in the beauty industry when she launched her own line of cosmetics on the Internet. Her line of Lime Crime makeup products came about as a solution to her own need for more creativity in the colors she wanted to use on herself. Her passion for creativity can be clearly seen in the choices she makes for her personal attire and makeup, which often includes brightly colored hair in shades of pink, lavender or blue.

Although Ms. Deere is known for her innovative line of cosmetics, she actually wanted to be a musician when she was younger. As a native born Russian, Doe came to the United States when she was 17 and spent her early years in New York. The time she spent as a musician actually taught her a lot about the world of business. She often talks about how she learned to appreciate the people who attended the events she performed at as well as how to utilize successful marketing strategies.

While Doe Deere definitely has a passion for creativity, she actually attended FIT in the hopes of becoming a fashion designer. The name of her cosmetic company was actually created for use with a line of fashions she had intended to launch online. It was during this time that she noticed how hard it was to find the colors for makeup she really preferred to use in creating her looks. She believes makeup is an extension of fashion, so it is no surprise that her desire to express her own unique moods led to the creation of her line of makeup. She often comments on how surprised she was to see how many other women were interested in using the same type of colors she had been searching for.

As a leader in the beauty industry, Doe Deere is quick to advise other women looking to establish their own careers in the business world on the importance of being true to their inner passion. Ms. Deere believes that everyone has something special they can contribute to the world. She often talks about the road to success as an inner passion or love that people need to tap into in order to develop a career path that will allow them to do something they truly enjoy.

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