How Hussain Sajwani turned out to be the most successful business person in UAE’s real estate

There is power in consistency. This is a quote that Hussain Sajwani, an experienced businessman from the UAE proves all too well. Hussain who is the man behind DAMAC properties was born in 1965 in a humble home of entrepreneurs. Ever since he was young, Hussain had that spark for success, and it is this characteristic that has helped shape him into the affluent business person we see today.

How he achieved the billionaire status

As noted earlier, Hussain came from a humble home, but his prowess in academics, as well as extracurricular activities, saw him qualify for a government scholarship to study abroad. He was among the first beneficiaries of Dubai government scholarships to the University of Washington. Here Sajwani pursued a bachelor’s degree in Industrial engineering and economics.

This academic accreditation paved the way for him as he got the opportunity to work with a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi national oil company known as GASCO. It’s during this period that he developed an interest in catering and after a year, took the entrepreneurship path by establishing a catering business.

A new dawn

Even though it took a while for the business to thrive, his natural entrepreneurship skills as well as the experience he earned while at GASCO saw him steer the business to a better place. Within a year, the company had over 200 orders a day and operated internationally with the US military and a company known as Bechtel being its main clients.

Even though he was quite successful in hospitality, Hussain saw the influx of foreign investors in Dubai as a business opportunity and decided to venture in real estate. He started by constructing small-scale luxury hotels to accommodate them. Soon his unique projects became a matter of public interest, and he began getting invites to significant projects. This was how DAMAC properties, one of the largest real estate companies in UAE was born.

Since then, Hussain has grown to become one of the most successful business people in the UAE, ranking fourth on Forbes list of the richest Arabs. His ability to point out profitable investments before anyone can notice them is what makes him different, and is one of the reasons why today he conducts business with conglomerates like the Trump organization, as well as being a close friend to the Trumps.

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