“How Marc Beer raised $32M for his startup “

Recently, Marc Beer revealed that he had raised $32 million through Series B round for his startup company Renovia Inc. This money is meant for the development of new equipment that will be used in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The deal comes as a huge sign of hope for the many women that suffer from this condition without a reliable source of therapy. Now, the company says that they will develop four new products that will help in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. In addition to that, they will release a new version of Leva, their FDA-approved product that was launched in April.

About pelvic floor disorders

A lot of recent studies have concluded that a lot of women who suffer from these conditions. They are spread across the globe, and they are all faced with one problem; a lack of effective treatment methods. Urinary Incontinence, one of the most widespread disorders under this category, affects 250 million people in the world. With such large numbers, it was important for Marc Beer to find the funds fast enough so that the process of developing the products can commence. He also pointed out that they hope to create better products that will offer a long-term solution.

What Marc said

Marc Beer was excited when announcing the news and said that it was a breakthrough for his company and all the partners that have made things possible. He also said that he was happy to be associated with some of the best minds in the healthcare industry. While pointing out that they share the same vision and plans, he indicated that he would use the new found resources to ensure that the millions of women who have been suffering for long get a solution that they can believe in.

Merging the effort

According to Marc, what the industry needs is for the major players to come together and join their ideas so that the products can be developed faster. Renovia Inc. CEO believes that through cooperation with all stakeholders, they can come up with systems that use technology to provide accurate data to patients. In addition to that, he hopes that the availability of technological solutions will provide patients with a better understanding of the diseases and the available treatment. When this is done, the quality of healthcare concerning pelvic floor disorders will raise as the costs come down.

A few facts about Marc Beer

Mr. Beer founded Renovia Inc. and is the company’s CEO. He dedicates his time to developing products that help women to overcome pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence. With about twenty five years of experience in this industry, he has been contributing to the development of such solutions. Learn more: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2013/01/23/aegerion-ceo-on-promise-of-biopharma.html

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