How Oncotarget Is Preparing For The Future

Oncotarget was launched in May 2010. Within two years it received 6.67 as its impact factor in 2012. This meant that it was a leading journal in the field of oncology as well as cancer research. Submissions to this journal are increasing in an exponential manner.This is a bi-weekly journal. There are dozens of research papers available in each issue. Such a trend indicates that Oncotarget has a bright future as it seems to attract practically all the submissions in the cancer field. This journal has received fast success. Oncotarget and its enhanced popularity have led to the launch of Oncoscience. This is a sister journal of Oncotarget. It has articles on a wide range of topics.

Oncotarget has a large Editorial Board. It has numerous sections that are headed by several associates editors. It is quite clear that the journal has highly ambitious goals.Oncotarget had been envisioned as a small journal. It was required to introduce a new concept called oncotarget. Besides, it was designed to promote a multidisciplinary approach by having a unique focus. The editors of Oncotarget wanted to keep it this way without any kind of changes. In this way, Oncotarget was supposed to be an experiment.Soon, this journal became highly successful and very popular. This is due to the passion as well as simplicity associated with it. Besides, it has an individual approach to everything.

It tries to avoid all kinds of unqualified reviewers. The evaluation of all submissions is done in parallel. It is never done in sequence. All the possibilities provided by modern technology are made use of over here.The fact remains that despite the unprecedented technical progress taking place in science and technology, the routine of nearly all the journals has remained unchanged. This is why a new paradigm was required in a scientific publication by the scientific community. This is why scientists were looking for an alternative to this kind of traditional publication.Oncotarget is a journal that allows a thorough peer-review. This is followed by rapid publication. It even allows for certain key decisions to be taken even on the day of submission. It allows for publishing on the next day post acceptance.

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