How OSI Food Solutions Enriches the Nutritional Landscape

There’s quite a few organizations who are working to make the world a better place. But one company in particular stands apart from the rest. OSI Food Solutions has been able to improve the state of the world by providing both good food and the jobs which come with it.

This isn’t always readily apparent when looking at OSI Food Solutions as an individual business. But it becomes quite obvious when examining how they perform day to day business activities. A good example can be found in Chicago.

Tyson Food was getting ready to shut down their Chicago location. And in doing so, around 480 jobs would be lost. Saying this is a major blow to an area would be an understatement. But OSI Food Solutions stepped in and bought the location for 7.4 million dollars. The purchase didn’t just save jobs. It also serves to invigorate the local economy. This would be quite significant in isolation from any other factors. However, it’s the general nature of the company which makes these purchases even more significant.

For example, they received the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. They wanted to recognize OSI Food Solutions for exemplary management of environmental risks. Receipt of the award is first dependent on meeting strict criteria. And from there one needs to demonstrate further excellence and care for the avoidance of environmental risks.

OSI’s European environmental manager, Kelly Grimwood, received special attention as well. As the award was given, the safety council made special note of the fact that leadership is a fundamental part of this excellence. They further highlighted OSI’s nature by mentioning that one can legislate basic compliance. But one needs something special to ensure that people go above and beyond. This is what OSI has been able to bring to the world.

It’s not just a company which works to meet the bare minimum. This can certainly make a company functional. But OSI’s contributions to the world only work as well as they do thanks to a commitment to excellence. They wouldn’t be in a position to enrich local economies, such as with the Tyson Foods purchase, if not for widespread success. It’s not enough for them to simply do well. They need to stand above all other competitors.

But the fact that they do so while also holding to strict ethical guidelines gives them added bonuses in multiple different ways. They get official recognition, as with the recent award. And they have a chance to truly inspire as well. OSI stands as proof that food can enrich the body, the earth and even the economy.

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