Integrity Marketing Group Reaping from HGGC Investment

Since the initial investment by HGGC in 2016, Integrity Marketing Group has been recording steady growth in their annual revenues. This growth comes after the company announced that their growth strategy had a successful execution, and they were experiencing a tripling of yearly income and EBITA. If you have been following the investment news about these companies, you know that there has also been a doubling of headcount in that period.

The entire deal with HGGC involved an organic growth that brought 12 add-ons on board. Thanks to their partnership, Integrity achieved a nationwide scale to be the leading partner for senior market insurance partners.

A Terrific team

A statement from Integrity said that the company had built a terrific team by investing in enterprise technology. This team was funded by the capital that also came with a commitment to building and operational expertise from HGGC. Through these new opportunities, the company now has a better was to serve their customers who spread over a nationwide network. In addition to that, they have increased their agents who now stand at more than 130, 000. During that time, the company produced about $850 million annualized premiums, a milestone that they had been dreaming of for years.

New CFO and Vice President

The investment by HGGC did not only help Integrity to expand their infrastructure and services. For instance, it was after the signing of the deal that the company brought on board a new CFO and Vice President. These two professionals were tasked with bettering the Business and IT departments, a role that they have accomplished with a lot of success. According to the managers at Integrity, it was critical to strengthen the team. This strengthening was mainly because they wanted a smooth integration if the new acquisitions. It also resulted in a new operational model that focuses on new challenges.

Steve Young, the MD of HGGC, said that his company was grateful for having helped Integrity to attain such success. He also indicated that his company was always ready to work with other companies in the middle-market private equity industry to ensure that customers get better services and companies achieve their growth targets.

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