Madison Street Capital is a Game Changer in Mergers and Acquisitions

During the process involving the Sachs Capital Group and RMG Networks acquisition process, Madison Street Capital played a crucial role as the financial advisor of Sachs Capital Group led by the Barry Petersen, the Senior Managing Director. On the other hand, Merion Investment Partners together with Virgo Capital, a debt facility provider, facilitated the funding of the process. RMG is a company that specializes in digital signage media services, both in software and hardware to a half percent of the Fortune 100. The Sachs Capital Group’s Chief Executive Officer stated that the company was happy to complete the transaction successfully under the leadership of Madison Street Capital. He added that Sachs was delighted to have an experienced Madison for guidance and identifying reliable capital sources on behalf of the company. He commended Madison for a job well done in the acquisition.


On his side, Barry Petersen pointed out that the process of supporting the transaction boosted the Madison Street Capital reputation in mergers and acquisitions processes. He added that the process was fascinating because RMG Networks would capitalize the newly launched Korbyt®. The new venture is digital signage and cloud-based corporate communication system. On September 28, 2108, the RMG stocks stopped trading at NASDAQ Stock Exchange, and each stockholder received cash of $1.29 for each share. Based in Dallas, Texas, RMG combines business applications, hardware, and software services for digital messaging to help companies increase efficiency and productivity. Sachs Capital Group provides controlling and non-controlling flexible financial support to entrepreneurs. The company operates under superior management, business fundamentals and focuses on valuations and corporate governance.


Madison Street Capital is a prominent investment banking company that offers its services through serious leadership, excellence, and integrity. The company specializes in merger and acquisitions, financial opinions, valuation services, and financial advisory services. The company serves both private and public businesses in helping them succeed in their endeavors. The company takes the goals and objectives of its client’s new project including financial advisory, raising capital, all transactions, and ownership transfers.


Having operated in the financial Investment Advisory industry for 13 years, Madison Street Capital has proved to be one of the greatest players in the field. The company has facilitated many successful mergers and acquisitions, financial advice and other investment support to many prominent publicly and privately owned businesses. They have proven their expertise in investment and financial matters. There is no regret working with them.


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