Road to Success with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar, President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC specializing in helping startup companies and also acts as Sr. VP of Legendary Investments started his career on Mortgage Industry in 1995. He started his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator for four years. During his stay, he worked hard to develop relationships with financial planners, Real Estate Agents and other people who he makes business with. In 1999, he became part of Legacy Financial Group that gave him the opportunity to grow more and expand his mortgage skills. He helped its Maryland office to produce a multi-million worth of loan volume yearly for six years.

He opened Legendary Properties, LLC on 2002. His involvement in real estate became successful. It resulted to fast development on purchasing, reconstructing, and profiting on hundreds of transactions. He had a great relationship with people involved in building trades that resulted to highly well executed products.

In 2003, he joined the Arizona Charter Funding and became the Senior Vice President at Charter Corporation until 2007. Because of the many changes happening on mortgage at that time, Todd decided to focus back on the origination of purchase money lending. He studied most of the scenarios in lending specifically those clients that are usually being overlooked by conventional lenders. He uses his firm to help those borrowers.

Todd Lubar owned quite a few companies in the Demolition industry, Real Estate Developments, night clubs industry and recycling industry. His exposure on different industries developed his skills in understanding what makes a business successful. And despite of being successful, he never stopped; instead he created TDL Global Ventures to help those who are just starting their road to success.

Omar Boraie Pledges $1.5 Million in Support of His Rutgers Cancer Institute’s Chair in Genomic Science

In a report by Patch, the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science to boost groundbreaking research in precision medicine targeted at finding treatment for different types of cancers. An endowed chair is widely considered a higher education gold standard and expresses a university’s commitment to developing academic disciplines. The University helps ensure continued support and research progression.

The new chair is named for prominent New Brunswick entrepreneur and real estate developer Omar Boraie. Boraie is the owner and CEO of Boraie Development. He has pledged to donate $1.5 million in support of the chair. The endowment chair is part of Rutgers State University’s campaign dubbed “18 Chair Challenge.” In the campaign, an anonymous donor provides a $1.5 million cheque that matches the other 18 new chairs each resulting in an endowment of $3 million.

Genomic science is changing how researchers and medical professionals approach, diagnose, and treat cancers. Though relatively new, it promises significant advancements in research and development by genetically analyzing tumors and providing treatment. Therefore, oncologists can better prescribe individualized and efficient therapies. The field further received its biggest boost when President Barrack Obama included it in his State of the Union Address. He announced that the federal government would launch a nationwide Precision Medicine Initiative, which will focus solely on curing diseases like cancer.

Rutgers Pioneers Gene Sequencing Research

Rutgers Cancer Institute pioneered the use of gene sequencing in its precision medicine research to come up with quality health care products. Genomic sequencing has already allowed researchers find novel therapies for patients diagnosed with rare cancers, those with poor prognoses, or those with limited treatment options. Furthermore, precision medicine advances allow the classification of cancers into subpopulations that have similar features but different genetics to determine individualized therapies and predict patient outcomes.

What the Stakeholders Said

Omar Boraie was happy with the work done by Rutgers Cancer Institute and was hopeful that, eventually, the research would be applied to all cancer patients. He was optimistic that his family’s support of the new endowment chair would encourage other donors to step forward and support the “18 Chair Challenge.”

Robert S. DiPaola, Rutgers Cancer Institute’s Director, said that Omar Boraie had been a key figure in the efforts to make New Brunswick a designated “Healthcare City.” He added that the institute was grateful for his generosity.

Sheridan Ganesan, an MD and PH.D., was named to Omar Boraie’s Chair. Ganesan is an associate director in the translational science department and a principal investigator in its clinical trials.

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Whitney Wolfe Opens The Door To New Dating Experience

The stigma that was once associated with online dating is no longer in place. People have become very accustomed to dating online because this process is just much simpler.

There are millennials, however, that have become disgruntled with the concept of online dating because it has been so one-sided. Whitney Wolfe is someone that is adamant about changing this. She is bringing forth the concept of putting women in charge with the Bumble app.

This is not all that Whitney Wolfe is doing with Bumble. She is also making this an app where people can find friends and build network circles as well. What she is trying to do is actually put this into the social media realm as an all in one app for dating, networking and building friendships. This is a huge challenge, but it shows that Whitney Wolfe is thinking ahead. She knows that this is something that people have been interested in because there are so many social media apps out there right now. Many people get tired of trying to stay abreast of what is happening between one app to the next. Bumble maybe the answer to resolve all of this frustration from the plethora of apps that are now available.

People that are utilizing this app will discover that it gives them a wide range of choices when it comes to dating. The one thing that women seem to love about this app. It takes away all of the problems that can occur when there is no filter. With Bumble women can swipe to the left for profiles of men if they’re not interested. When they do this these men have no possibility of contacting them again. Women can swipe to the right and engage in communicating with men that they are interested in.


How New York Law Industry is continuously changing

We are all aware of how stressful it is to find a lawyer who will fight and defend you in court. Finding a lawyer is one thing but finding the right lawyer is an entirely different thing. You might be requiring a lawyer to handle a child custody case, divorce case, criminal case among other legal issues. The new York residents have come up with a way that is convenient to find a lawyer who is not only experienced but also ready to handle any legal issue you might be having With the help of the New York States Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service; life has been made easier. This is because of the introduction of a new online portal where lawyers and the general public meet in one platform. This is a 24 hr service and is also confidential. A lawyer given to a person is well experienced, and his credentials have been reviewed by the New York States Bar Association. The online technology is the easiest way to find a lawyer who you are assured of his expertise.

One person in New York who is well known regarding law practice is Jeremy L Goldstein. Jeremy is a founding partner of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He earned his BA degree from Cornell University before heading to the University of Chicago where he earned his MA. He began his law career after completing his JD at New York University School of Law.

He started his career at Shearman & Sterling LLP as an associate before joining a large law firm in New York that is well known for acquisition and merger practice. He became a partner in that firm where he managed executive compensation matters that are all related to organizational transitions and corporate governance. With his establishing his private, boutique law firm, he has been able to advise management groups, compensation committees and even CEOs on matters corporate governance. He believes that with his advice, he can help a lot of people something he loves doing.

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The Career of Kevin Seawright: Taking a Deeper Look Into This Unique Professional

Kevin Seawright is one of the top people in the fields of administrative and financial operations. He has managed to assemble a very impressive career by his ability to come up with innovations that have kept him one step ahead of his competitors.

Kevin currently holds a position at the Newark Economic Development Corporation. He is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of this company. One of the hallmarks of his career to this point is his ability to take the various business strategies that are being used by finance and accounting divisions and retool them to make them more efficient.

Some of the biggest accomplishments that Kevin is directly responsible for are the revenue enhancements that he has been able to make. These have allowed the predicting of yearly revenue to be improved by as much as 25 percent.

Kevin Seawright has a career that has seen him work in a wide variety of areas that give him a level of experience that few other professionals in his field can lay claim to. He has worked in capital operational management, human resources and finance at the executive level.

Some of the positions he has held include Executive Director of Operations, Chief of Construction and Financial Projects, Payroll Director, Budget Manager, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Facilities, Finance Director and Managing Fiscal Officer.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright did not accomplish so much in his career by accident. He has a set of principles that have helped to guide him. He believes that reliability and efficiency should always play important roles in any negotiation that he is a part of. Learn more about more Kevin Seawright:

He also feels that being able to work together as a team is essential to succeed. He feels it is essential for all the members of a team to completely understand the strategy and goals of a particular project.

Basically, all team members need to be on the same page. He also strongly believes in creating a business strategy that is focused on the distant future. The strategy can then be adjusted as necessary. These principles have allowed Kevin to achieve a great deal in his career.

George Soros Wants to Take Back Power from Trump

The role of George Soros in American politics is not hidden. In fact, he has a strong influence on many political activities including presidential campaigns. Soros along with many rich Liberals spent millions of dollars to support Hillary in the presidential elections. After the unexpected defeat of Hillary Clinton, George Soros has already started working on his plans on Snopes. On November 2016, the Democracy Alliance donor club kicked off a conference in Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington. Many influential personalities like Senator Elizabeth Warren, co-Chairman of Congressional Progressive Caucus Keith Ellison, Leader of the House Nancy Pelosi, and leaders of liberal groups and leading unions attended the conference on It is the first ever major gathering of liberals after Trump’s victory. They plan to give Trump a very tough time from the beginning.

The attendees assessed the role of Democracy Alliance in politics. The beneficiary groups and donors of the alliance have been shaping institutions and organizations on to support Hillary Clinton. Their main approach was to use women and minorities in the American electorate which would get Democrats the victory in elections. Unfortunately, the strategy did not work in the presidential elections, and Trump used white work-class as his strength. Moreover, the policy of beneficiary groups of DA to use money in politics and issue of climate change was not as effective as expected. It was George Soros who launched the Democracy Alliance after the elections in 2004. At that time, Soros and other mega-donors spent tens of millions of dollars to boost John Kerry’s presidential campaign; however, he lost it to George W. Bush. The donors created many think tanks and advocacy groups that were not a part of the Democratic Party, but they were working for its interests. Their job was to defend Democrats against the attack from the rightists and at the same time, push Democratic politicians to the left.

Besides Soros, there are more than hundred members of the DA which include leaders of liberal foundations, labor unions, and titans like Donald Sussman and Tom Steyer. Each member of the group is paying more than two-hundred-thousand dollars a year in the form of donations to recommended groups. They also pay thirty-thousand dollars a year for meetings, entertainment, catered meals and DA staff. Since 2005, DA has donated up to five-hundred million dollars to various groups that act as pillars of the left. It includes organizations which are run by the allies of Hillary Clinton such as Catalist, Center for American Progress and Media Matters. George Soros donated twenty-five million dollars in 2016 to boost Democratic candidates and Hillary Clinton.

George Soros does not always attend formal proceedings and meetings of the Democracy Alliance. However, his appearance at the November 2016 conference of the Alliance shows his commitment to invest against President Trump. George Soros lived through the horrific experience of Soviet Communism and Holocaust during his early life in Hungary. The miseries he went through during Communism and Nazism made him to devote his foundations to protect open societies in different parts of the world which now includes the United States.

Securus Leads The Prison Telecommunications Pack With Honesty, Integrity

There is a telecommunications company that is doing good work and hardly anybody in this country has noticed. It’s not anybody’s fault because the company does a strange sort of business. Every single prison and jail that you have seen in your life requires third-party services. The telephones hanging on the wall inside the prison must be serviced by a telecommunications company. The Internet that the prisoners use must also be provided by a third-party company. Securus Technologies, the company that is doing good work and should be heralded, is one of these telecommunications companies.


In an effort to get recognized for all the good work that they do, Securus has gone out of its way to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Accreditation is a lengthy process where BBB representatives thoroughly investigate the company being accredited. They stack the company’s reputation, business practices and customer reviews against an eight-point checklist. The eight points include the ability to build trust, honesty in advertising, truthfulness, transparency, the ability to honor promises, responsiveness, a commitment to privacy and a commitment to integrity.


The company becoming accredited must also pay the Better Business Bureau for the honor. That means the telecommunications company was so confident in its business practices that it went out of its way to pay for and endure such a rigorous investigation. And this all comes on the heels of prison telecommunications companies making the news for unethical business practices. The New York Times, Huffington Post and Vice News have all focused attention on a company called Global Tel-Link, Securus Technologies’ biggest rival, for dishonesty and poor treatment of customers.


In light of these recent events, it is clear that Securus is the superior service and should be leading the pack when it comes to prison telecommunications companies in this country.


The Trump Hussain Connection and everything else about the Emirati Business Mogul

Everyone has been wondering about the connection that exists between Donald Trump and Hussain Sajwani, the current president and CEO of the DAMAC group. Well, the first connection that exists between the two is the fact that they have both invested in the world of hospitality. The DAMAC group is a company that has been inexistence for the past 25 years. It has been able to expand its influence in the Middle East to Africa and other CIS states. Up until 2013, Hussain was the sole owner of the group, and then he decided to sell a part of the company in terms of global depository receipts at the London Stock Exchange. Currently, he owns about 85 percent of the business, which puts his net worth at about $3.5million.

Hussain has had ties with the US for a long time. First off, he is an alma mater of the Washington State University where he studies economics. After he graduated with honors from the University, he got his first job at GASCO. This is a small branch of ADNOC. When he decided to start his own company he named it Draieh Management Services, Co. What people do not know about Hussain is the fact that this is not the only company that he started in the 90’s. Some of the other companies that he started include the Al Jazeira investment company and DICO investments. Al jazeira is currently worth more than $100 million. He has also invested in the ceramics industry in the UAE.

The many investments that he has made have earned him a position of respect in the UAE business circles. As a result, he is a board member at various prestigious institutions. These include the Majan University College, which is located in Oman. As stated, the fact that he has invested in the same industry as the business man turned politician and now president of the United States, Donald Trump created a close friendship and business relationship between the two men. When he is not working, Hussain spends time with his family or playing a round of golf with his friends.

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Arthur Becker, the Outstanding Investor

With the ever changing economic environment, it has become difficult for someone to be referred to as a great investor. The current economic situation demands that entrepreneurs are armed with experience and knowledge of the unique challenges and idiosyncrasies of the product or the industry they want to invest in. Arthur Becker Chairman & CEO of Zinio set himself apart as an exceptional investor.

Arthur Becker attended Tucks Business School at Dartmouth. He also went to Bennington College where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts. Becker is known for his passion and proficiency. He is a diligent worker who ensures his financial investments, and those of his partners find productive projects that ensure growth and success in the future. Arthur is an investor who uses current trends to his advantage. He has invested in people’s ideas ensuring that these plans are realized and also ensure they become profitable.

His extensive acquaintance has seen him work for many companies. He has worked as a senior advisor at Vera Wang fashions for almost seven years. Today, Becker is the co-founder of Atlantic Investors LLC and the vice chairman of Zinio, a magazine that delivers news in a unique way and enables users to share favorite articles through NY Mag, Facebook and other social media. Previously, the exceptional investor was the CEO of NaviSite, a company that provided technology and application management services to its users. His accomplishments while working for these enterprises are unmatched.

Arthur has also ventured in the real estate industry. According to, his latest venture is in New York at 10 Sullivan Street. Together with other partners, they have ventured in a venture that has made him, and his associates earn big money that real estate attracts. His commitment to technology has seen him invest in technology since NaviSite got acquisition by Time Warner in 2011.Gradually, the investor continues to be a model of what makes an outstanding investor.

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Protect The Lips With Grapefruit SPF 30 From EOS

The lips of the skin is the most delicate skin on the body. The skin is thinner and more susceptible to the effects of dehydration, wind burn, sun burn and chapping. It is important to keep the lips hydrated, protected and nourished to keep them in the best condition and prevent chapping. One of the best ways to nourish and protect the lips is to use an all natural emollient formulation like the smooth spheres from Evolution of Smooth to keep them pretty and healthy.

Evolution of Smooth makes a lot of different smooth spheres in different flavor formulations but they also offer a formulation with sun protection. The damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays can penetrate deep into the lips and cause sun burn and aging effects. When spending a lot of time in outdoors, skiing, on the beach, climbing, or just hanging outdoors during a picnic or barbecue it is important to wear sunscreen on the lips because they are even more susceptible to sun burn and sun damage.

EOS Grapefruit SPF 30 has 30 full minutes of UVA and UVB protection to keep the lips in good shape and keep you smiling. The grapefruit scent is 100% naturally derived from the grapefruit so it tastes and smells just like that fresh morning pulp. Most stores like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens carry Evolution of Smooth products, but if this sphere is needed quickly for a vacation, or it is just simply easier to shop from the couch it can be found on Amazon or here:, for the same price it is sold for in stores. At just around $3 for the smooth sphere it is easy to pick up a few different flavors. Lemon SPF 15 also offers sun protection and there are other fun summer flavors as well.

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