Beneful: Changing Dog Food For The Better

Beneful Dry Dog Food ( is one of the most popular dog food products that they have out there. It comes with real chicken and is accented with apples, carrots, and green beans. It helps them maintain a healthy weight, as this is something that a lot of dog owners worry about when it comes to their dogs. It comes in 6.3 pound bags along with 15 pound bags and 15.3 pound bags on Wal-mart. It is all about what you are looking for when it comes to your dog.
One can also not forget about their variety packs which come in such flavors as Romana Style Medley, Tuscan Style Medley, and Mediterranean Style Medley. No matter what your dog is looking for or what flavor, they are sure to find it with these variety packs. They offer mixtures of food that are sure to satisfy all of their taste buds.

Another popular choice is their Healthy Fiesta which comes with such flavors as wholesome rice and real chicken accented with vitamin rich vegetables and avocado.

If your puppy has been especially good, they deserve a treat ( After all, when we are good or do something memorable, we treat ourselves to something. There is Beneful Baked Delights: Hugs. Hugs always put a smile on your face, as well as your dog. When they receive this treat, they will know they have done something good to earn it. It will reinforce good behavior for the future. They will know that if they behave, do something they were taught, and act accordingly, they will get a treat. It is positive reinforcement.

Those are four products that Beneful has out there, but they have many, many more popular choices to choose from the next time you are out at the grocery store or via the Amazon website. They are a popular choice of dog food for a reason. They deliver great dog food at an affordable price.

Brian Bonar brings in Big Time France

In an article by Troy Johnson over at San Diego Magazine, Escondido’s bistro Bellamy’s takes center stage. And every drop of it is nothing but praise for the food.

Escondido still maintains it’s age-old homeliness, like any small town in the US that hasn’t quite gotten hit by the sweep of modernization. What it did get hit by was good food and a French Master Chef.

After earning his doctorate at Staffordshire University, Brian Bonar found that wherever he turned his attention, he excelled. This eventually placed him as Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation and CEO of Trucept Inc, but then Bonar turned his attention to the world of fine dining and good food.

And he decided to do it in beautiful Escondido. Bonar picked up the unfortunate restaurant Tango and rechristened it Bellamy’s, and then he went hunting for some of the best staff he could find. He found some of them at El Bizcocho, one of his own favorite restaurants which had recently decided to let go of it’s dedicated employees.

Bonar also picked up Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

But Ponsaty’s stay at Bellamy’s is a temporary affair. A ranch in nearby Bandy Canyon, over one hundred and forty acres that Bonar has mind to transform, is to be be Ponsaty’s home. Eventually a signature restaurant will sit there, complete with a kitchen that Ponsaty himself designed. For the time being, he establishes himself in Bellamy’s with El Bizcocho’s former Mike Reidy, and together they bring fine dining to Escondido.

With Brian Bonar putting it all together and bringing people like Ponsaty and Reidy into his circle, it goes without saying that Bellamy’s is already well on it’s way to being famous, though it would never make it there without the customers.

Bonar hasn’t forgotten them; while the French may be the best cooks in the world, he knows that some people have different tastes or want to try new things.

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Doe Deere Followed Her Passion to Success

Doe Deere is a woman who followed her passion all the way to a building an incredibly successful makeup company, Lime Crime. Guest of a Guest recently featured Deere in an interview where she explains how she was able to make her dreams come true and turn it into a flourishing business. It is instantly clear from the pictures in the article that Deere has a passion for creative and cutting edge fashion. Along with that, she incorporates makeup as an extension of her outfits. Creating and expressing her true self have been lifetime passions for Doe Deere, and she loves sharing that with others.

Deere developed her background in fashion design at FIT in New York City. She began designing, creating and selling her own fashion designs on ebay and developed quite the customer base in a relatively short time. Deere was inspired to branch out from fashion design into cosmetics manufacturing when she was searching for the perfect shades to match her own outfits. She came up with a loss because the mainstream makeup industry was primarily focused on neutral shades and pallets, which Deere thought did not adequately express her true creativity and authentic self. Deere wanted to see if she could create her own version of bold, exciting makeup. At first, Deere planned to just wear the makeup for herself, but it quickly became a widespread hit. Deere launched Lime Crime back in 2008 to give her followers the same fun, inspired options that Deere came to love herself in creating and choosing her own makeup. The cosmetics line was an instant hit and continues to be an incredibly profitable company today.

As a successful woman in business, Deere says that the most important lesson to take away from her success is that following your dreams and passions first and profits second is the real recipe for sustainable success. Because Deere is so passionate about the cosmetics products she creates, she is constantly inspired to think of new and fun products to share with her customers. Her excitement about the Lime Crime makeup line is contagious, and her customers love to follow her new designs and keep up with Deere in social media and beyond. Deere is always accessible to her followers and loves to hear feedback about her line.

Workout Wear for the Fashionista

Love working out but hate the sweat stains and baggy shorts? You love fashion and looking good when you leave the house, but most clothes that athletic companies sell are either fashionable or functional. Fabletics is changing all that.

With a company that personalizes the work out gear just for you, what you wear to get toned no longer has to be an old grey t-shirt. Fabletics will add color and style to any type of exercise, from boxing to running to yoga, they have a piece of clothing to get you moving.

Similarly to getting the most out of your workout, you want the most out of your clothes. Fabletics on provides more than could be expected with trendy clothes and prices that will make you want to run another mile.

Like to keep your life interesting by having variety and spunk? Kate Hudson has her favorite’s that can be in your closet too. Kate knows that you should never have to settle between fashion and function, and hopes that her fun and exciting picks will inspire you too.

Each costumer takes a quick survey so that Fabletics can accurately recommend work out gear tailored specifically for their needs. They have sections for type of exercise, where you work out, and color combinations that make you feel excited to burn those calories. Once you are registered, your personalized work out closet is on it’s way to you.

With constant promotions and discounts, new and adorable clothes that keep you looking good while you are working hard, Fabletics takes care of its costumers to make sure each one has an experience to remember. The options and ways that you will continue to come to this brand for your athleisure wear is endless, and they make sure that you get exactly what you want, each and every purchase you make. So stop dreading putting on the same boring t-shirt and get inspired!

Brian Bonar’s Bellamy’s on Modern Luxury

Escondido in San Diego’s North County region is home to a top-rated dining place Bellamy Restaurant or simply Bellamy’s. It is located along Grand Avenue where most establishments start with the first name of a person.

The place is still dominated by old world influences with a country style ambiance. It is where the old-fashioned elites gather for the day. Today, we will be going over why Brain Bonar’s Bellamy stands out above all others according to Dalrada.

Brian Bonar and Bellamy’s

Bellamy Restaurant is owned by a Scottish businessman Brian Bonar. Before he established Bellamy’s, he was just a simple fan a similarly great restaurant named El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. His love for this superb dining place led him to the establishment of Bellamy’s.

When El Bizcocho happened to reorganized itself, Brian Bonar took the opportunity to absorb the crme de la crme of El Biscocho and these were the staff including a renowned chef Patrick Ponsaty who was given the title Master Chef of French. He was one of the only 2 people in San Diego who had this title.

A WhitePages article said that Brian Bonar opened an event place near the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. He established this event place with a signature restaurant in it so he established Bellamy’s and let Patrick Ponsaty man the restaurant.

Bellamy Restaurant is termed by many as “The Hidden City.” San Diego Magazine published an article on grand cuisine which mentioned that “Bellamy’s is some of the best food in San Diego, served by a top-notch staff.”

Patrick Ponsaty and His Career

If there is a reason why Brian Bonar is a great fan of El Bizcocho, it is because he is actually a fan of its great chef Patrick Ponsaty. Ask about his style of cuisine and he would only say it only in one word – “French.” He worked at the former El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn as executive chef. He used to coach an award-winning group of talents that ranked third in the world in the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry.

Currently, he is still the soul of Bellamy’s where he considers home. On the other hand, he is now planning to start his own venture and build a new name for dining place of his own.


Brian Bonar’s Bellamy has top cuisine and with views that have made his restaurant stand above all others. If you are in the area you might want to try having a meal you will never forget.

Wen by Chaz Improves Fine Hair

WEN Hair cleansing conditioner had the chance to proves it’s almost magical powers in transforming all different types of women’s hair. In a recent article for Bustle, an editor stepped up to the challenged to use Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as her only shampoo or conditioner product for a full week and document the results for her hair. The article includes before and after pictures for each day which was also posted on facebook so that readers can see just how much the editor’s fine, limp hair was transformed into shiny, full locks after each use of the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. The author reported that the only stumbling block was that some days she did not have time to wash and style her hair because of her hectic schedule. She said that on those days she was not able to get away with not using the Wen Hair cleansing conditioner and still see the amazing results from the day before.
Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner was developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. It uses an innovative five-in-one formula to help get hair healthy from the scalp to the tip. Part of what makes Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner so much better than many other hair care products on the market is that it simplifies the hair care process and adds moisture and shine to hair without stripping away any vital nutrients. The formula for Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is also free of any harmful sulfates. It is easy to see why WEN hair cleansing conditioner receives such glowing reviews from Guthy-Renker blog. It really gets at the root of the problem with transforming hair.

Luxury Condo Sales Prices Up But Beneath Lies A Sluggish Market

According to a recent Douglas Elliman Real Estate Report the average sales price of a home in the borough of Manhattan is now at around $1.1 million dollars. This represents an increase of about 17% over last year. This statistic would have you believe that the housing market, especially the luxury one is doing well when the opposite is in fact true. To understand this one must delve a little deeper into the figures to understand that the market is now inflated in Manhattan.

The housing market saw a frenzy of newly constructed and available units under contract during the first quarter of 2016 which includes the months of January, February and March. This provided the first artificial boost to the Manhattan luxury real estate market. The second artificial boost was provided by contracts that were agreed upon and written as far back as 2015 and even 2014 that would begin in 2016. Take away the first boost which was new units being quickly snatched up, and the second boost which are old contracts maturing now and you will see that the sales market for new luxury developments is starting to level off.

Another figure which highlights that sales are tapering off is that the fact that newly constructed apartment listings fell by a total of 44% when compared to last year. This is despite the fact that a total of 5,500 new apartment units were constructed in Manhattan last year. Agents are now purposely keeping units of the market now, as they realize that the real estate market is now sluggish and bloated. The resale market in Manhattan however continues to remain strong and see growth. For more information on the cooling of the luxury housing market in New York check out this article on Crain’s New York Business.

Andrew Heiberger of Town Residential has the following to say about the inflated market right now. “Smart sellers have already made adjustments to their listing to reflect the real price of units on the market now.” The CEO goes on to say “that more developers and real estate agents will begin to follow suit and lower prices when they realize that the market has been inflated for some time now.”

Town Residential is a real estate firm that specializes in luxury housing in New York City. The firm has a total of four offices in Manhattan and teams that offer expertise on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis. Town Residential has recently been lauded as one of the top luxury real estate firms in New York City due to its outstanding services and approach.

President of Devco Responds to Questions Concerning CRDA $20 Million Loan

DEVCO, a non-profit urban real estate development corporation and developer of the Heldrich Project was questioned about repayment on a loan provided by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). The $120 million project was financed by CRDA, tax-exempt bond financing, State of New Jersey Grants, private equity, and New Jersey Redevelopment Authority Loan. CDRA contributed $20 million to the Heldrich project fund and hasn’t received payments in the amount of $1 million, according to the Press of Atlantic City (February 29, 2016). Middlesex County Improvement Authority failed to make payments, including interest and principle. Christopher Paladino, the President of Devco responded to questions, providing reasonable facts about the economy and loan repayment.

Middlesex County Improvement Authority neglected to pay approximately $7 million for five years. Paladino is aware of the repayment arrearage and assures the Press of Atlantic City the loan will be paid within two years. He directed the corporation and organized the

$20 million loan to help finance the Heldrich project. Middlesex County owns the Heldrich Hotel and hasn’t generated enough revenue to pay on the loan. When the hotel opened its doors to the general public in 2007, it was during the beginning of an economic downturn in the United States.

Now that the Heldrich Hotel is completed and operating in New Brunswick Development Corporation, Paladino is sure the hotel will eventually pay all its debts. He said that economic influences had an enormous effect on the hotel inability to pay on the loan. Heldrich Hotel was obligated to pay its unionized employees, real estate taxes, and maintain the property for quests. Some of the most recent projects Devco developed are Heldrich, Rutgers Public Safety Building, Gateway Transit Village, and Child Health Institute of New Jersey.


The Struggle For Human Rights: An Activists Reality

The journey from everyday person to human rights activist is usually a hard road. Most of the impetus to move the cause forward has to do with the experiences that one had to endure their self. From the salt marches in India to the march to Selma in the US, the movement to stop the progress towards betterment for all people is difficult at best. Some people throughout the ages, like Ghandi and Dr. King referenced here, are responsible for arousing the giant love that humans have for one another. Sometimes it just takes the right person to get the message across to the masses.

This is seen online nowadays as well of course, with websites like New York Times. This is a site aimed at stopping the human trafficking epidemic that is facing many areas of the world. It is also one of the many atrocities happening in North Korea today.

This is a fact that a young woman named Yeonmi Park knows all to well. A defector from North Korea, Park has made it her life mission to get the message out about the horrible conditions people suffer through in her country. She has experienced more in her tender youth than most of us ever will in our lifetime. She has become a sensation on YouTube. Yeonmi Park has a new book on Amazon about her tribulations with her family called ‘In Order To Live.’ The book goes into great detail about the horrendous conditions in North Korea that are commonplace to her. There are still many who suffer through these conditions daily.

This is the very thing that young Park hopes to be the voice against. The oppressive and brutal dictatorship that is her native land.