Cloudwick Amazon and Machine Learning Search Recaps

The following represents a recap of searching “Cloudwick Amazon” and “Cloudwick Machine Learning” via Google. Included in the recap are article/site summaries, as well as sources.

Amazon Search Recap

Cloudwick (CW) is a managed service provider partner of Amazon that offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) via its serverless data lake. With its secure, serverless data lake, CW allows application of machine learning and advanced analytics on any data structure (i.e., unstructured, semi-structured and structured). The data services offered enable evaluation of new business models for use with customers, partners and other enterprise data users. Using both traditional and modern data analysis tools, the information can be securely shared and analyzed to help provide additional insights into patterns and behaviors. [1] In addition to the data lake, data warehousing modernization is also offered. As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Big Data Competency provider, Cloudwick is a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN). Additional consulting services offered include providing a full spectrum of integrated options, including data ingestion from multiple data sources, data management and cataloging, analytics, as well as report generation/visualization. [2]

Machine Learning Recap

At its core, machine learning is artificial intelligence. Machine learning, its workflow, uses, implementation, analytics and strategic based decisioning is another service that Cloudwick provides via its Amazon partnership. The provisioning of this type of service model is known as Machine-Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) and is available on a subscription or consultancy basis. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning are all operationally related and all are CW services offered through Amazon. [3]

The demand for CW’s machine learning services has grown in recent years and the firm added on eight (8) new machine learning engineers during 2018. [4] According to, CW Machine Learning Engineer salaries can range from an estimated $135,397-$146,656 annually. [5]

Also, not limited to just working with Amazon, the company has partnered with Intel and other leading data center based cloud and security providers. Their joint efforts culminated in the launch of CDL, a “Neural System of Intelligence for Cybersecurity” collaborative. [6]

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