Vijay Eswaran Talks About His Entrepreneurial Journey

Vijay recalls that when he started his entrepreneurial journey, nothing was working in his favor. He posits that he did not have funding or connections.

At the time, Asia was experiencing the effects of the economic crisis. No one believed in his vision. However, he says that the biggest asset that he had was his conviction that he would not spent his life making money for another person. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

The shrewd entrepreneur says that he was lucky to come across like-minded partners. He also remembers the unwavering support that he received from his wife. Eswaran contends that they faced many setbacks and failures, which they continue to face even today. Vijay says that when he will stop facing challenges, he will no longer be progressing.

Over the years, Eswaran has been engaging in the direct selling business. However, he contends that the industry faces perception challenges. Vijay says that the many people lack clear understanding and proper awareness of the business model.

The executive posits that success and challenges are interlinked. He argues that both elements have the same path for growth in his professional and personal life, thus he deals with achievements and failures by embracing them.

Vijay Eswaran is thrilled by a university that they are building in Malaysia. He said that the first students are set to graduate from the institution in the near future. The institution operates from a temporary campus, which is based in Ipoh city that is 2 hours north of Kuala Lumpur. Vijay posits that their plan is to develop a QI City that will comprise new permanent campus, a teaching hospital, a park, hostel blocks, and a residential block.

Eswaran said that this project would keep them busy for some years. His greatest dream is to develop a green campus, a Harvard of the East that has international students, uses electric buggies for transport and utilizes solar power.

Vijay says that his father played a pivotal role in making him a successful person. He recalls that while he was growing up, his father imparted him with valuable lessons, including “Service above Self.” He contends that he has taught his team this fundamental lesson.

It is for this reason that they run an international corporation while maintaining the heart of a small company.

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