Wes Edens First Big Project For Milwaukee Bucks Realized

Wes Edens is a fierce businessman with interests in transport, real estate, energy, private equity, and sports. He is the co-founder, board member and principal in charge of the Private Equity department of the fortress investment group. He is the owner of the league of legends fly Quest.

Along with Marc Lasry, Wes bought the National Basket Association team based in Wisconsin Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 at a price of $550 million. Wes brought in his experience of managing complex financial institutions to Milwaukee coming up with a grand plan to transform Buck to one of the most coveted indoor destinations in America.

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When Wes Edens announced the start of a new Milwaukee Buck stadium in 2016, he had a bigger plan than what could meet the eye of a layman understanding. The marshaling of resources started immediately, and the buck owners got a $250 million funding deal from the public for the arena. The groundbreaking ceremony for the new stadium started on 8th June 2016 in the presence of Edens and marc. This event marked a new era for the Wisconsin NBA team.

On August 26th, 2018 the new Milwaukee Buck stadium opened to the public for free. Wes Edens confirmed naming right with America technology giant company Fiserv. Although the management did not not disclose the price, it was clear that the new stadium will be called Fiserv Forum. It is a world class stadium with 17500 capacities for basketball fans and 18000 sizes for concerts. With the best technology among basketball stadiums, a fan can ask for refreshments with an app while seated. The seats are with personal details of the ticket holder immediately after booking.

When Wes Edens and his colleague were buying Milwaukee Buck, it was worth $ 550 million, but currently, it is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion. The new face of the buck team will increase revenue basket. More concerts will perform at the new Fiserv Forum stadium, and more fans, of course, would like to enjoy the comfort of the stadium. Wes looks forward to meeting people of Wisconsin in the new Bucks’ arena.

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